Just been Medically discharged today

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stevefergie, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. I attended a medical board today. The out come was a medical discharge. I believe that they are attributable what I'd like to know is what do I need to do now i.e. do I contact the British Legion, Veterans agency. who do I send any info of my condition to?

    I have had a Heart Transplant which was a result of cardiomyopathy . other effects from tis was a stroke and 6 hernia repears
    how long roughly do I have till my very last day in service

    I have served 13 years if it makes any differance
  2. Stevefergie, your time served only has bearing on pensions etc, I suggest getting in touch with SPVA, RBL, SSAFA-FH to find out what each can offer and what fits you bill. Not every person needs all their help but I suggest SPVA will be a good help.

    PM me if you need more in depth on this, with regard to timescales you could ge anything up to 8 months depending on when you date is issued. You have not been officially MD today, the board only has the power to recommend. The final decision rests with Glasgow and they will confirm the decision (but be aware they can go against it).

    If you need greater detail, drop me a PM as I have a bit of experience in this field now and deal with many agencies day to day so can sign post and assist.
  3. I fail to see what's funny. And it's in a serious forum.
  4. How is it bullshit mate I have a scar from the top of my chest to my belly button and one going accross the right my stumock from where the RVAD (right ventricular aided device ) external attached via pipes and i had a LVAD (left ventricular aided device) internal the left of my stumock I spent 11 months in Hearfield Hospital untill they thourght I had 24hrs left to live and i was on the emergancy transplant list luckly for me I got a heart?

    Soilder mag did a center page artical on me and as far as I'm awear I'm the on or was tthe only serving heart transplanted person
    But I thank you for your un helpfull comments

    please feel free to let me know if you would like proof as i can always scan the soilder mag and send it to you along with a list of my anti regection drugs and scar pictures

    my wife and kids would love it to be bullshit as the chances are I will be dead before i see my two girls grow up properly and get married

    I will call the RBL and SPVA tomorrow after seeing the RCMO thanks for the info I will PM if i need any further help thanks
  5. I fail to see where your coming from I have offered you proof? I'M NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY I was asking a question which from what i see you could not help me with so why reply
  6. no probs pm me your email And i will get it scanned in for you
  7. ok like I said pm me your emai address and i will scan in the artical and if you want pics of the scars let me know Iwould list my meds but I'm guessing you'll say Ive googled it the artical is in Sept 2004 issue pages 28 and 29
  8. Hi I'm the wife who's just reading this as my hubby is trying to find proof to justify to you (looser) his condition and the tourment and pain he has suffered over the last 6 years due to his increasingly deteriating helth condition cause by the army! He's come on here to try and find some answers to support his family and make the best of a shiutty situation! He doesn't have long left on this earth... not that It's any of your business and you sit the as a bloody senior member mocking him and his 13 years service... once he's uploaded a copy of the artical sapper mag produced on him in 2004 as the 1st one and only ever royal engineer to have had this condition and remained in service setting an example to all those ppl who have bad knees and backs and claim dss / esa for the rest of your lives...
    I hope you get your reward in life for being a first class pratt!
  9. Do you know what **** you and your little side kicks another show of jumped up liitle pricks that hide behind a key board
    I' will no longer reply to any of your posts as its clear from reading other threads that you just go on to try and get people wound up because you do'nt have the balls to do it face to face
    there is **** all clever about you three There is no wonder people stop useing these type of forums when pricks like you are alowed to post

    oh ps
    my meds are Neoral (Ciclosporin),Pravastain,Mycrophenolate Mofetil, Co-trimoxazole
  10. you tell em steve!
  11. Good on you, Steve. Hopefully some kind Mod will clear the rubbish from this thread. At least you got some sensible advice in the early stages.
  12. Old_Sgt. Wow, I really do hope you not that much of an arse in person.
  13. i know, it was pretty clearly a genuine request once he started telling them he had proof, *******
  14. Him and his "wife" are clearly not journo's as neither can spell.

    Excuse my blatant ignorance but how did Power station A give you a heart condition, are you suggesting that its is attributed to or caused by the coal dust or the radiation from the power station? Has an MO or Consultant actually confirmed this?

    Without solid proof you will be hard pushed to pin this on the Army, I was wrongly diagnosed with a chest infection for over 6 months which turned out to be cancer, long story short, they conveniently lost my earliest chest xray which showed a mass close to my heart (turned out to be a tumour) which was causing my persistent cough, all the signs and symptoms I was displaying at the time were classic for the type of Cancer I had, but none of the Army MO's I had seen over that 6 month period had any idea what it was. Luckily for me I attended a Navy Sick bay and within 3 days I was diagnosed and my treatment commenced. I looked into the possibility of taking those involved to court in a case of clinical negligence but the lawyers didnt believe my case was strong enough to persue it.

    Maybe you will have better luck with the advice from the RBL and the like.
  15. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    This would appear genuine and in the correct forum, perhaps people could edit their posts accordingly before the forum mod gets out of his scratcher and sees this.