Just been given a inhaler..are my chances gone?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ryanrangers, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. I'm interested in joining the forces, going as far as to being sent out my forms to fill in.

    Thing is, i've been ill for 4 or 5 days with a horriffic cough and then when i went to the GP i was told it was a chest infection and i was prescirbed an inhaler for a week.

    I know in the forms it sayd you cant of been given an inhaler for 5 years, but will i be allwoed to continue my application if it was given as a 1 week prescription for a chest infection, not for asthma or anything long term?

    Any help would be appreciated, thought id get some answers on here before i ring them up to ask.
  2. Don't bother, next.

  3. What sort of inhaler is it ? blue, brown ?
  4. 4 years symptom or treatment free and they wont budge from those rules.

    The only way things may get changed if the GP admits he diagnosed you wrong and gave you the inhaler by mistake...which is very doubtful a GP admitting they are wrong.
  5. Should have told the doctor you did not want it, you're stuffed now.
  6. I don't think the rule is for 'any inhaler' isn't it just for ashmatics?

    Check with the recruiters.
  7. OK Im here, yes he will be barred as said 4 years treatment or symptom free.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    dont tell them, non of their business as long as you arent asthmatic. people get given all sorts of inhalers now for all sorts of reasons and the questionnaire is a bit out of date.
  9. Wonderful advice grumblegrunt so if he lies during his RG8 health Questionairre and doesn't get found out then lies to the SMO at ADSC he can get all the way to training then when they get his med records boot him out in his first few days. Great input from you and totally wrong...maybe stick in the NAAFI bar.
  10. its a blue one.

    no the like rounded kind though that are white with a blue ring at the bottom, it's all blue.

    and okay i guess i'm fucked now then! so frustrating, i've been training really hard, my 1.5 miler is under 9 mis, press ups and sits ups are all fine and just because i have a bad cough im completely knackered!

  11. I'm not a doctor but if you had asthma you would have be given a 'preventer' something to take every day forever - like beclomethasone which calms down the irritation in your lungs . The Blue one (salamol probably) - is a 'reliever' and is used to relieve any additional wheezy symptoms.

    Your doctor has probably given you the blue one because your chest infection is nasty and you might benefit from the blue ones ability to open up the airways.

    It doesn't sound like asthma but go back to your GP and ask him - if he says its not asthma then ask him to strike the prescription off.
  12. Look your health is more important and there are plenty of other jobs you can do. If you want to apply again in the future...
  13. Altering records is what Shipman did. If I remove anything from our system I have to give a reason but it's not removed just recorded as an error.
  14. my mum works at the clinic as a receptionist, and yeah it is just as a reliever to open my lungs up. so do you think asking them (the GP) could help?
  15. Then 'recorded as an error' is his best bet he'll be seen to have been honest with his application - answering all the questions openly and honestly. And, if you're as medical as you sound, he's not got Asthma has he ? You just don't treat it with Ventolin alone.
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