Just been discharged and am confused

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sammi_4, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I was a phase2 trainee and in april last year was diagnosed with a health condition which after 2 ops was cleared up and i managed to pass all the fitness tests thrown at me (something which some fresh recruits and VTs couldnt do) however i was then taken off course and told i was being discharged...i fought this as much as i could and even my staff and hierarchy disagreed with the choice that had been made by the civvi doctors on the camp. in december last year i was told i was discharged under 9.381 but never had it clearly explained to me what this means....can anybody explain what this discharge code means. thanks
  2. The Queen's regulations for the Army, 1975.

    9.381. Defect in enlistment procedure.
    a. The competent military authority to authorise discharge is the commanding officer.
    b. The Army Act 1955 (Part I) (Regular Army) (Amendment) Regulations 1995, Schedule A, Part II, Item 2 governs this authority.
    c. This paragraph applies to a soldier in respect of whom the current regulations for enlistment have been improperly or incorrectly complied with.
    d. A soldier who after enlistment or attestation is found to have been medically unfit for acceptance on account of a condition that was overlooked, inappropriately assessed or not declared by the soldier as part of his former medical history at the time of his initial examination is to be discharged under this paragraph, following AF B204 procedure laid down in the pamphlet Medical Documentation in the Army Medical Services 1995 (Army Code 61416) Chapter 5.
    e. Discharge is to be authorised on AF B130.
  3. the thing is i didnt have this condition or didnt know i did when i joined up, it was near the end of basic that i started getting symptoms, and instead of investigating it i was bedded down for a week...great care there. i was fully fit and fine a month before they discharged me and the paperwork was started without me knowing it
  4. Please tell me that your sat somewhere, really bored with a copy of QR's to hand and hav'nt remembered that from memory :eek:
  5. Copy and Paste all the way :D
  6. Sorry Sammi were not really helping. They propably shit scared you will keel over and they will get the arse sued off them.
  7. so does it effect me rejoining?
  8. sorry, but I think you've just found out that life aint F*!"ing fair. :cry:
  9. You could try the RAF or Navy. If you tell them whats happened they might be OK.
  10. i have tried the RAF i started my application for them in Jan and was told id have to wait 8weeks for my med docs to arrive, 5months later and they still arnt here!
  11. The RAF arnt the quickest I should know :wink:
    By the way welcome to ARRSE, hope you many happy hours here, I know I have. Got to go the weekends just about to start and I dont want to miss it. :salut:
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    yoy have beeb shafted! looks like the MOD dont want to pay you out a disability pension so they have fcuked you off short doors, get hold of the RBL and see if theres anything they can do to help.
  13. Well untill you made that utter cuntish statement I was going to look into this for you, I'm one of those people who has been injured and currently can't run a mile and a half. It is doubtful if I'll ever be able to walk properly again (at least I can walk) I'll be going on tour next year in my limited capacity and you'd prefer it that I was booted out just because you didn't get to stay in? I'm in a role where being able to get through the equal of basic training isn't required. Life doesn't always appear to be fair, tough shit.

    If you want to work out the reasons why you were discharged as DOE then get searhing this site, there are threads out there that may help you.