Just been called by one of my local TA units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by supermark500, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. I have shown some interest in joining and someone from the local infantry TA has just called me to come in for a chat. I was actually thinking of joining the one closest to my house which is signals and not this infantry one. I'll go along and see them and get some information. What can I expect from them? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. The TA offers a great deal, but it's probably best that you let one of the recruiting staff outline it for you in person, and to go and see the people you'll be training with. Think of things you'd like to know and ask them - adventure training, recruit process, pay and allowances, uniform - whatever. They'll be happy to answer almost all queries.

    Unless you've got something quite specific to ask, my advice, just wait and see.

    Whereabouts in Bucks do you live/work?
  3. Been in the infantry 20 years man and boy - and now old git - and I love it! (and I do consider myself a reasonable individual - in civvie street)
    It is physically demanding and tough work but its the most varied role in the Army - but its not for all mind. depends what you are looking for - a challenge or a busmans holiday - its your call!

    As advised go speak to them and keep an open mind - nothing stops you visiting other units either - but remember you expressed an interest and they called you - so someone must think you are a good egg!

    Either way - Good luck

  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Best of luck with it. It can be enormously rewarding, certainly from an infantry POV. It can bring in handy funds, keep you fit and also give you the opportunity to see some action.
  5. It's odd as I hadn't shown any interest in joining the infantry and hadn't contacted that unit! Still, the least I can do is go along and see what's up.

    I live in Milton Keynes but work in London. I'm a bit concerned about being able to make it to training commitments. Not sure how flexible my employer will be with me needing to leave early. I'll bring all this up when I meet them and see what they say.

    Must get my fitness up though. I run about 10 miles a week and walk about 5 miles a day.
  6. Sigs or Infantry? Depends on whether you like the warry stuff getting wet and dirty and firing weapons most of the time, or just some of the time, playing with radio masts and sleeping in landrovers as opposed to a ditch. If I had my time again, I think I'd have chosen the ditch.

    All good fun though, they want you and will probably be more flexible than your employer by the sounds of things :)
  7. Call me crazy but spending my weekend in a ditch caked in mud with no sleep does actually appeal! On the other hand, I do enjoy building stuff.
  8. Super mark pm me about the Sigs unit, you need to understand the unit in questions role before you make a choice.
  9. You are in good company my freind! :thumleft:

    I spend my working week sat in an office, so the TA for me is the other end of the spectrum. I'm just going through training under the new-ish scheme, (also infantry), PM me if you have any burning questions.
  10. Supermark, from your locstat I suspect that you are talking about E Coy 7 RIFLES. They can offer you everything that any inf unit can plus the opportunity to play with 81mm mortars. If you are technically minded, the role of MFC might appeal to you. PM Bravo_Bravo for more info...he's been in the tube & nail platoon since chieftain was a rank, not a tank etc etc.

    Click here for sketchy details.
  11. Just something to think about;

    If you work in London it may be much easier to join a unit based there as you will not have to leave early from work or travel far to get there.

    OK you may have longer drive home after a Trg Eve or W/E but you will have more time to sort out your kit before you start. You may even be able to kip in the TAC on a Tues night. I used to do that when I was in London.

    (I recommend F Coy 7RIFLES)

  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The main thing is to find the unit that you feel you will enjoy being in the most. You can then worry about the logistics of work/home etc. Visit a few and see which one you feel the most enthusiastic about.

    Many people in my unit drive over 2 hours to get there on a training night, bypassing many other units on the way. They do it because that is where they want to be, and accept the inconvenience as part and parcel of that.

    If you want to serve in your local unit, then it is a real bonus!

  13. Does 7 Rifles offer military parachuting like parachute infantry battalions do?!
  14. Umm, unless I'm very much mistaken, even the paras don't offer it to recruits at the moment so your point is what exactly?

    And its not my unit.

    Anything else mr smarty bollocks?
  15. I don't believe i'm being smart at all in asking whether or not 7 Rifles (previous 'your unit' edited for accuracy) provide military parachuting for their soldiers! Additionally, you are mistaken as parachute training is still part of a Parachute Regiment soldier's training - i wouldn't believe all you read.