Just been attested :-)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Twisty, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know I was attested last night, and if anyone has any questions on the joining process and medical stuff I'd be happy to help.

  2. You were attested at 10am in the morning?
  3. Go and spend your queens shilling in the pub like everyone else does (did). And if you didn't know already it gets taken back out of your first wages.
  4. Welcome to the club!
  5. good luck - hope your still in and posting after basic
  6. Nice one. good luck
  7. Welcome & Enjoy basic training

    Where abouts are you?
  8. Sentinel, learn to fucking read. :D
  9. you can volunteer for mobilisation next Monday
  10. Huzzar! :D
  11. Fucking fantastic first post. Good effort.

  12. ouch COS! but why wait until Monday?
  13. You could go on SC07 and get attested, trained, injured, recover, and get mobilised, and be part of a web dating club, all in the space of 8 weeks.
  14. So where are you? Yorkshire? Infantry?