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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by the_mentalist, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. When all you potential/wannabe squaddies leave the ACIO after your initial interview, does the warped and disgruntled recruiting Sgt recommend Arrse as a source of useful information and further reading?

    If so, that will explain the number of bone questions some of you lot come out with!
    8O :? :x :?:
  2. Is everything ok???

    you were monking about people using the word "selection" the other day

    do you need someone to give you a hug?
  3. Oh go on then, but just a quickie, I dont want too much morale in one go 8O
  4. Fair point, there has been some completely random/bone questions asked on here lately.
  5. Cheers Smudge :D
  6. I,ve got ginger hair will I be picked on if I join up?
  7. But how do i get better at pressups? Ive lost half a stone already but been told I need to lose another four, ive been regularly jogging 500m but I still cant do more than 15 pressups, im at my wits end.
  8. Will I be able to take my cat with me when I join up, my mum says she will throw it in the canal if I dont take it with me!
  9. You shuld be ok mate, there is a law against gingerism. You will need to stop rolling round in shop doorways though :lol:
  10. Or, I just been told everything i need to know from my recruiter but just thought i'd come on here to make sure. Like we're all liars in the recruiting office!!
  11. When do I get my gun? And can I take it home to show my mum/mates/girlfriend?
  12. But you are! We all know that. You're not going to break hundreds of years of tradition and actually start telling the truth to recruits for fecks sake!
  13. I was told that I would get to go windsurfing in Cyprus, just like Frank!!! :lol:
  14. To Spaz,

    Go for lyposuction IMMEDIATELY. It will hurt and you may be out of it for a few months but it'll be worth it.

    Apparently, recruiters like this, cause it shows you have the determination and willpower to do anything that it takes to make it.

    Whattya waitin for fatty, get down the surgery ASAP!

    Godspeed, ta ta.
  15. Is it true that you get Grumpy old Victor Meldrew ancient characters in the REME. :bigsmurf: (shit not only did I give T_M's PERSEC away I gave mine away aswell)

    Dont worry turms-r-us we shave and brand all Gwars when they arrive in their first unit :wink:

    Ive been windsurfing at the CESSAC in Dhekelia when I was posted there and knew a bloke called Frank, so they did tell the truth.
    I told my applicants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when I was recruiting. (uncrossing fingers)