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Hi guys, I've been thinking of joining the army for a long time now, I finally went down today and got the ball rolling :D the roles I'm thinking of applying for are Communications Systems Operator, Military Engineer Design and Shipwright.

I've tried to search on this forum but havn't been able to find much information on any of them, if there is anyone out there who's been in one of these roles i'd love to hear any advice you might have. I'd like to make the army a career i'm 23 at the moment and want to start doing something with my life. However i'd like to do a trade which will get me some qualifications for when I decide to leave the army as well....don't wanna keep rambling on but I've also heard that a lot of trades can go months without actually doing anything involving there trade...is this the same for any of the ones I have applied for? Any help would be muchly appreciated :)

Many Thanks

Koyuka ;)
You should be able to find general job descriptions on the Army Careers website.

Barring that your recruiter will give you the information you need on all 3 of your choices when you first discuss them with him (2nd interview i think)
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