Just applied for T.A....Help???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by grant, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Just applied for the TA, filled in all my paperwork but not sure what happens next... Do i do selection with regs and is it two days, how longs the training is it 5 weeks or weekends, im from the north east. Cherrs
  2. It'll all depend on what TA you have joined.

    Have you done a selection weekend yet?

    Once all the paperwork is done, selection weekend is complete and you have been attested then your training will start.

    You'll be trained at your local RTC (recruit training centre) I believe it's 6 weekends for non infantry and 9 for infantry.

    You'll learn loads there and the instructors are pretty damn good!
    Make sure you get plenty of weapons practice at your unit in between your weekends.

    After that, if you'll do a 2 week course, then it's time to begin your TA career!

    Good luck
  3. If you're from the North East, you'll do your selection at Strensall near York, which will consist of 2 and a half days (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning). The instructors on the selection are TA soldiers, and also on your training weekends, which will also be at Strensall.
  4. Thanks for the info so far, im going non infantry. What are the test on the selection weekend, is it a mile and a half run and 40 press ups and sit ups, im a female. would my 6 weeks training be at strensall to then? Thanks
  5. On your selection they'll get you to do a "risk reduction run" which is basically the 1.5 miles PFT. As long as you do it under 14 mins (i believe) they'll put a tick in the box and recommend how to improve your time. But don't aim for 14, try to get it at 10:30. I think the press ups and sit ups are even lower than that for a female potential recruit. But once again don't aim for surviving the 2 minutes, really go for it! On my RSW I did my run in a shade over 9 mins and almost blacked out from the effort (although this was a long while ago now :) )

    As a non infantry, once you've done your six weekends (most RTC's run the inf & non-inf together) you'll go off for your two weeks basic and then have to think about a trade. (don't leave it too long between the weekends and the basic)
    For the infantry guys out there they will stay at the RTC for another 3 weekends and then go do there 2 weeks infantry "trade" course at strensill.

    talking of strensill- Do they still have those god awful wooden spiders there? I spent many a happy hour in the guard room being shouted at by the provost - no really! 8O
  6. 10:30 is one hell of a target for a female, I think the overall requirement is 13 mins for under 30. (Which means at selection you need to be doing it only 60 seconds off your "final" required time, or 30 seconds off if you're 30 or over - blokes get it easy!)

    For me, the procedure is Paperwork - BARB (An IQ test on computer, basically) - Medical - Selection, which is just a single day and has the run (Other stuff but it doesn't matter, apparently) then get Green kit and head off to Phase 1a training...
  7. You do not do press ups and sit ups on your selection weekend.

    Selection is completed at your local ADSC.

    You will do:

    Risk reduction run- aim for as fast as possible, they want to see you giving it your all.
    Icebreaker (chat to the class)
    Command Tasks
    Theory lesson on a grenade (usually)
    a dummy grenade throw (testing your ability to recieve orders)
    Phys tests, these are a jerry can carry (20kg), some heaves, a static lift, dynamic lift, and a back extension.

    PM me if you have any further questions.

    Good luck my friend!

    Your medical will be done by your unit before you attend selection.

    Training is 6 weekends at an RTC.
    Followed by 2 weeks Common Military Syllabus

    Later you will complete your trade training.
  8. At Strensall the wooden spiders are the accommodation for the women, whilst the men are accommodated in a just as bad freezing cold two storey building which looks like a load of porta-cabins built on top of each other.

    In the spiders the women get a bath as well as showers, meanwhile men just have one big communal shower room.
  9. Cherrs oxygen thief cleared most things up there, when would i get my uniform then?
  10. You get all your kit, minus what your SQMS coudln't find because that's the way the Army works, after selection but before you go on your first "proper" training.
  11. The lower floor of that block look like a warzone two weekends ago. Bunch of underage drinkers got shitfaced, puked everywhere, pissed the beds and nicked some of their Cpl's kit from his bag. The bar is now off limits until further notice!
    Those wooden female blocks look like large potting sheds :D