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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Wickerwoman, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. :D HI GUYZ!!

    Basically i wanna join the army!!
    Im 18, left college after a year with nothing to show for it and started working for my dad in a boring shop selling domestic appliances (yawn yawn).

    I wanted to be a paramedic but nothing seems to be happening on that scene until I noticed the new army recruitment adverts. I decided that being a combat medical technitian seems like the best job in the world to me :D doing what I want to do, being in the enviroment I'd love to be working in, everything about it.

    Ive read as many feeds as i can find on the forum about RAMC's and the training for entrance and phase 1, just a couple of questions I'd like answering please....
    firstly, the BARB test is slightly worrying me because Im not exaclty the brainiest person ever, im not dumb or anything i just dont feel as confident as i should, What is the scoring system like and what am i expected to achieve to enter army as combat med tech??

    Also what sort of time scale should i be looking at through enrolement? From walking into the careers office, talking the BARB test, going to selection day and actually starting phase 1? Im planning on making the 1st move in August when ive got a better level of fitness n got my weight down.

    ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! :d:d:d This is definatly my new goal in life to get a great career in the army, im just glad ive found something im looking forward to being able to acheive.


    CHEERZ GUYZ :d :wink:
  2. DON'T DO IT!!
    Well....do it if you want to but be very carefull being a CMT. There's a horrible thing called "Clinical governance" and an other nasty thing called the QARANC, and when their powers combine... they stop CMT's from doing anything. At all. Nothing. Best tip I can give you is if you fancy the whole CMT idea, try technical corps, and then after a year or so go for the regimental CMT role. This means you'll get a decent trade with civi recognised quals, and you also get to do the Medic larf without a lot of the pump stuff the comes with it.

    Being a CMT isnt all running, jumping, fixing people. There is a lot of boring stuff as well. In the end it's up to you, but there are some bery experienced Medics on here (i.e way more than me!) who you should listen to.

    Cant really help with the BARB bit or the timings I'm afraid.

    T C

    (BTW, any MOD's - you might want to stick this in the RAMC etc forum?)
  3. You seem perfectly intellectually adequate Wickerwoman, I'm not a medic so I'll leave any in-depth advice to them, but dont sweat it on that score. Good luck.
  4. Good luck mate, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    The BARBS test is not hard, and in your post you come across as intelligent; With a little bit of personality to boot.

    Good luck,

  5. I'm not a medic, but I would think long and hard about becoming one. They're rarely regarded as heroes but they have a job that many wouldn't stomach. It takes a different sort of commitment. I doubt that many of them would "love to be in the environment" that they work in (or, I hope so, at least). After you've thought, and decided that it's what you want, then go for it. But consider the realities first.
  6. I was a CMT in the RAMC(V) and we did very little "in the field" stuff and mostly skivvied for the doctors and nurses in the field hospitals doing pleasant tasks like sniffing p1ss and changing dressings. The adverts will look terribly exciting but then they want you to join don't they?!?!
  7. If you are determined to join, then good luck. The BARB is really a piece of p1ss, the questions are all multiple choice, and you have to answer as many answers correctly within the time scale. The trick is, if you don't know an answer, don't spend all day working it out - just guess it and move on to an easier one. The computer will keep asking questions until the time runs out, so this increases your chances of getting some questions you know the answer for. It's all english and maths stuff, with a section on logic (if I remember correctly). Don't worry, it's all D1ck and Dora stuff.

    Can't help you with the time frame stuff, this all depends on intake sizes, number of applicants and loads of other stuff that I don't know about. Expect a few months anyway.

    Good luck, whatever you choose.
  8. I joined the RAMC as a CMT at sixteen. Had very little in the way of qualifications and didnt do all that well on the barb test, you dont need the highest of scores for CMT.

    Have been a CMT for thirteen years and only got my state registration as a Paramedic a year and a half ago.

    Dont think that all will come to you if you join as a CMT. There are many opportunities but they take time and you have to actively seek them out.

    Many on here will slag the trade (how an ex CMT(V) can comment on being a CMT is beyond me!) but all said and done ive experienced things many people will never and many of my friends from school would break into nosebleeds about! (STAX, TRS, Beverley, G Spot)

    If you want to get away from home and make a reasonable amount of money for relatively little work and good long term prospects, do it!

    If you want a back door into the NHS as a Paramedic with the chance to make a few coffee room stories, dont bother.
  9. Im RAMC, not a CMT (although had to be one until my OTT training started), by all means join as a CMT but keep your options open, look at the more hands on and clinical trades.
  10. hiya :)

    just thought i would say that i am currently in the process of applying to the army i am going for the QARANCS and have my second formal interview on monday, 8O i'm a little bit nervous about it but any way.

    i started the whole process in november 2005 that was the first time i set foot in the careers office then i was given an application form to fill out. i took that back had another chat with the careers men and then i was given a date for my BARB test, did that and it is extremely easy nothing to be worried about at all. the questions are very simple but when your answering you have to try to be as quick and as accurate as possible, which really isn't hard!

    my application was delayed a little bit after that because my doctors took a while sorting out my medical form but once that was all cleared i got a date for my first formal interview which was 3 weeks ago now. hopefully after this next interview i will be told when it is i can go to the RSC. i have been told that if i am successful there and get selected by the QARANCS selection board then i will be able to start my basic training in november this year an my nurse training in january.

    so basically for me the whole process should take a year if all goes well. i doubt it will take much longer for you the only way it could do is if you dont pass recruit selection first time that will set you back another three months. but all i'll say is go down to the careers office now and carry on your training. it's best if you just get the whole process started as soon as possible otherwise you'll just keep putting it off.

    hope that helped and gave you a bit of an idea of how it all goes and how long the process takes :)

    good luck with it and i hope it all goes well for you :D

    p.s. sorry if i bored anyone with this really long post :lol:
  11. To the poster above.

    Yep bored me - I could just about manage the first paragraph.

    Still, you seem intelligent enough - I hope you get in and good luck.
  12. Didn't bore me. I had the lovliest time shouting and spitting at every missed apostrophe, comma, capital letter etc. Because of that it took me a week to read :twisted: .

    Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I am a complete grammar nazi, and don't I just love it - another reason to rant and rave and generally carry on. Lovely. Certainly better than actually working.
  13. I'm with you, sbloodworth
  14. Your working day must just flyyyyyyy by! :roll:
  15. I've met TW+Ts like you before sbloodworth, concentrate on the service writing and F+CK the blokes!!!

    You'll undoubtably chase hard for LE/SD commision (If you haven' already got one) Why do all the best blokes leave early?

    I ask Ya?????