Just Another Difference

yep, our purse strings are too tight to get ammo, food and mail to our soldiers at CHristmas, where as the Americans get a company to donate the cash to ensure their mail gets through as well.

If only we were that enterprising.

As usual its Tommy at the front who suffers......
I am annoyed. Soldiers stuck in the FOB's should get all thats due to be sent to them, Yes i understand that all additional mail puts a strain on the resupply chain however would someone tell me why as of yet we dont have extra choppers in Afghan?. If its a case of money the top brass should be bloody ashamed of themselfs. Whats more important, Extra Choppers or spending lots opf money on recruiting ethnics.
In America a Military ID Card gets you Superstar Status and respect from both the General Public and Business alike.

In Britain, a Miltary ID Card just means that you have to pay more as you're classed as a risk....! But a little respect from the GP in that timidly British way.

Sad but true...


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The US Red Cross scheme only allows for free postage of cards - parcels are specifically excluded. So, not so much difference between the 2 countries in this case, really.

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