Just announced....Eric Sykes's Death...

Another good old fashioned comedian has gone.RIP
Well, him and Hattie Jacques used to make me smile when I was a kid. Rest in Peace to him.
The actress whom a few of the more prolific female posters on this very site modelled their physique upon.

Obviously it's their genetic make up and not an excess of calories which made them this way.

Back on track, sad news regarding Eric, I thought he was a very pleasant chap.
Nice bloke and naturally very funny.

Hattie jacques, nice girl and naturally very large


A funny guy in his own right & wrote for most of the great comedians in his era.
Hattie Jacques may have been a big girl but I quite fancied her. I'm sure she was a real fun goer!

Eric used to write the goon shows when Spike had a meltdown. Prince Albert you are an old **** so you should remember


I love The Plank as well.
Takes talent to make a silent film in the era of 'talkies'

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