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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by muzzleflash, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Forgive me fellow 'Arrses', but whilst logging on today, I paused to think.

    Given that the British Army has an average strength of 111 grand ish (taking into account the odd shafting of the Infantry), I'd put my money on the fact that at least 70% of that 111 grand have the odd flutter on Arrse and how cool is das!

    Hard to imagine any other site in the UK with that level of interest - give or take faceparty, facebook or **** fist frenzy!
  2. To be honest mate, the numbers at analfistfrenzy.com have been on the decline for a few years now, or so Im told.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    And don't forget the large numbers of TA (around 36,000, and turnover of around 6,000 a year) on here as well. TA are over-represented if anything as being a) mostly in the UK and b) having in general more time in the day to log in.
  4. Well check you out - big boy!
  5. To be honest most of us are frenzied **** fisters on a wind up.
  6. I'm just waiting for you numb-nuts to go ape-o and require the brass tacks found in Queens reg that call up CORE RSM son's... (count them fcuk's made properlly every 100 years)...

    ARRSE has the legit 100% focus... loads more than you'll spot coming in and out... should it ever go all out for Queen 'n Country.... well...


    Nuff said.... spot on.
  7. I hope we're not drinking alone tonight...
  8. Nope, you still sniffing glue air fix? ;)
  9. Limbo - you've got 'issues' mate
  10. Issue's... do tell? :)

    Was always prep'd eyeball to eyeball, first hand from many a Brig Gen down to Cpl to watch out for all those who would instantly bite :D

    What's my particular beef muzzle?
  11. Mate, I'll keep it simple - WT - F! are you on about?
  12. Yep, but only because you can't mainline it!
  13. You can't answer all questions with a question.

    To the NAAFI with thee... my round ;)
  14. ARRSE is an extremely successful forum, but I'd wager that figure is slightly off.

    70% of the last battalion I served with didn't have a computer, and the ones who did used it for porn and had never heard of ARRSE.

    I know a lot more ex-service and TA lads who use/view the forums on account of being bored at work.

    I did however see a wagon driving around Basra with www.bangbus.com sprayed on the back, proving that some squaddies use the 'net!
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    Some bone figures i did a while ago, probably on a night as dull as this one.

    I also think the above estimate is shite - most of the Junior ranks I ask about Arrse haven'tt heard of it. At SNCO/Offr level however, some are "aware" but simply monitor the site for evidence of "gobbing off".

    We currently have just over 30,000 members. A lot of these are suspended, most regulars on here have two or three accounts, and a large number are sapped by certain unwanted trolls returning yet again.

    Then there is the fact that actual serving / ex serving military personell are probably in the minority on here. There is an ridiculous abundance of walts, sch's, bitter failures, (etc) on here, that it often comes to the point within a thread that when an actually serving member posts information - it is like a breath of fresh air , briefly, before all the opinionated civvies and walts jump back on the bandwagon.

    Arrse is very popular, and i would also say notorious. But it isn't as popular in military circles as it is in the civilian sector - a prime example being all the "offensive thread in the NAAFI" type threads, when some tree-hugger has clicked on a like here when he should really be cutting his hair and getting a wash.