Just an example

Of the kindness that people show, I just literally recieved this mail

Happy to give a week at one of our Algabas (sleeps 8 - 6 + 2 fold away beds)
within any of the following dates:
01/09/08 - 15/09/08
22/09 - 23/10/08
05/11/08 - 31/11/08

All we would ask is that the cleaning fee of 100 euros is paid.
We provide a welcome pack.

Details available at www.elvallegolfrental.com (or your site)

Let me know what you want to do.
Best wishes
I will match that and it will be two weeks
The payment !! oops that was my get out gone :)
Seriously pm me for the payment details for a weeks cleaning, if it's not needed it can go into a fund
:) been and done my good deed for the month can be a Tawt now for three weeks :)

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