Just about to start Battalion at 2Rifles

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by machine-ladder, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if there are any tips and info on battalion life or anyone in 2 Rifles on here. i go Monday.
  2. Just don't go into Newcastle and tell birds your a squaddie; you'll be knocked into next week.
  3. haha how come he will get knocked in to next week ? lol
  4. Why Newcastle?

    2 Rifles are in N.Ireland
  5. Nice beach near BK.

    Some good blokes, plus you'll be getting an Adventure Holiday early next year.

    You've joined a very busy, in demand Battalion, best of luck mate. I know the MTWO,Mortar 2 i/c and Support Coy CSM; good blokes if a bit above your payscale right now...

    Swift and Bold.
  6. WAAAAH! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newcastle,_County_Down
  7. Ballykinler is the pits, worst place i have ever been, you can say goodbye to a social life and i hope you like hot sandy places coz thats all you ever do is go away, been there 16 months now and everyone who can sign off has signed off, the only way they will save this battalion is to post it back to the mainland.
    Try and get to another Rifles battalion mate
  8. Ahhh maybe BK has dried up a bit but between '83 and '85 it was the hot cake of activity. Had a blast with some great blokes and good soldiers.......
  9. Mate, welcome to the battalion. We're a good unit with a good ethos, unfortunately we have been stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a camp with few social facilities for the junior lads and most of the local watering holes almost constantly Out Of Bounds. Recent events have shown that squaddies are still not welcome in Newcastle and to be honest, unless you're willing to pool together for the 50 quid ride to Belfast and the 50 quid ride back, you're better off on camp. It is pretty dire socialy and lads do get stir crazy so I would make full use of your annual warrants on long weekends and get the f*** back to civilisation on the mainland.

    All that being said we're gearing up for an almighty tour in Afghan and the whole battalion is in a frenzy at the mo with folk on courses etc. You'll soon find yourself being sent on one course after another in the new year and they'll be a couple of exercises too, so don't worry so much about Ballyknackall too much.

    Just re-read your post and realised that you're already here by now, so you're either one of the many new lads from CIC or one of the TA lads. Either way, welcome aboard and hope you're fitting in well with your new Company.
  10. Yeah cheers for that back to Englanistan
  11. I'm about too join this battalion myself and wondering, what its like and if anythings changed? Still a high tempo and lots of traveling? Thanks in advance
  12. haha its a depressing shit hole mate with a couple of suicides in the last couple of months treat yourself.kenya,germany and canada exercises all coming up in the not to distant future.enjoy
  13. Bring your waterproofs, it's been raining here since about June.
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  14. Prisoners have more face time with their girlfriends.