"Just a tramp" - ex-soldier set on fire by students whilst sleeping rough.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if this isn't in the right place. One of Mrs CR's friends ("Pooky") wrote this page for an ex-soldier, who is homeless in Holborn.

    BLUF - he got set on fire by some students whilst sleeping rough. A local landlady has now offered to let him a flat if someone can scrape together £300, which will give him an address to start claiming benefits etc. So Pooky is making a collection on his behalf:

    Not Just a Tramp - Please help Richard off the streets | Pooky Shares

    I don't know how these things are verified, but she is sound and a pretty good judge of character. Where should I post this for people to offer donations?
  2. Jesus Christ. What the hell is wrong with some people?
  3. I worked with a lad who when we did the usual works night out drinking and socialising thing out on the town he thought it was funny to take the piss out of beggars or have a go at them, sooner or later when he was drunk enough I would guess he would quite happily have done one of them a nasty for fun.

    I was not amused.
  4. Done and good luck to him
  5. Im sorry call me a cynic,

    Law Students??

    27 Years service??

    Hoi Poloi the dog? that is subliminal messaging

    Sounds so incredible I had to respond.
  6. subliminal messaging? riiiight. you think it's a complex viral advertising scam for lighter fluid or something?
  7. I thought it was bit conveniant that they happened to drop a wallet containing all the personal details in.

    And they actually brought lighter fluid with them?
  8. Sounds like ******* shite to me, up there with Red Friday and returning through an airport when I heard clapping.

    Does this sound right,

    "Saddened to hear this, I took a seat and asked him what was up whilst giving the irresistible Hoi Poloi a cuddle" - really, a tramps dog gets a cuddle on the street in Holborn?

    Or this,

    "Richard was dispatched to hospital and the police were called. CCTV and a dropped wallet quickly led the police to two of three culprits. The police took them to visit Richard in the hospital to make them face up to what they had done. They shed tears and blamed a drug induced state saying he was ‘Just a tramp’. They are currently in custody on charges of attempted murder." - Does that sound like normal police procedure?

    I'm regularly in Holborn, I'll look out for him.
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  9. 27 Years’ Service

    Like you, I was disgusted to hear Richard referred to as ‘Just a tramp.’ From what I know of him, Richard is a kind and gentle man – he shows this every day in the tender way he cares for Hoi Poloi, his ever faithful companion. Richard is an ex-serviceman of 27 years.

    27 years service ? Is he 27 or served 27 years..either way the local RBL or SSAFA would be the first port of call ?
  10. like I said in the OP, I don't know how these things are verified. but don't worry about it, she's already raised £365 in a couple of hours from her friends. ex-squaddie or not, he'll have a roof over his head in the near future.
  11. This story has more holes than a colander being used as a back stop.
  12. I'm afraid I don't believe this. There's no date for this story but google turns up no results for any homeless men being set on fire in London, by students or anyone else.

    You'd think this would have got even I tiny mention in the news somewhere.

    Of course, if this is proven to be true then I'll stump up some cash.
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  13. More likely she's got £365 from a load of gullible twats, the missing Richard in Holborn can be explained by the fact she's rehoused him. Someone needs to verify the police report.
  14. The last time I saw a chap who was most certainly ex-services was in 1999 when I was waiting for a train at Waterloo one evening, ranting to him self and pacing about this rather tall chap dressed like a biker complete with pony tail was about half way through what seemed to be his second bottle of white lighting of the evening. Poor ****** sounded completely minced in the head and rather upset with himself at the same time.

    Just another pisshead I thought until I noticed the rather pricey looking pair of Danners on his feet.

    It's like the National Lottery I suppose.

  15. ...and it was then you thought "thank the lord above that i didn't join the RLC"