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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FULLTRAIN, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Great news regarding Mullah Deadullah :D , not so great news about 3 missing US in Iraq :( . Just a thought on that though, i wonder why they dont consider some type of microchip implant that you are able to locate. Might sound a bit Big Brother, but then i've been on the ale most of the day. :lol:
  2. microchip might not be such a good idea, most electrical things can be traced these days. mobile phones ect ect so may not be so easy to go covert as i am sure the irainans would supply some kind of tracking device to the sand ppl. but f*@k with i had been on the ale all day lol hope thay find these boys alive thou.
  3. What about the stars and stripes attached to an 8ft whip?? :? Oh fcuk sake, i'll have to go to bed soon :roll:
  4. My only concern with all this is that the media released the information straight after they found out these lads were missing. Why the fcuk did this happen surely this could of compramised the escape and evasion effort of these lads if they have or had managed to get away from the initial contact. For all we know they could of got away and holed up waiting for the rescue teams (arrived a hour later) and the insurgents not knowing numbers of lads who escaped. But the wonderful media once again sticking there fcuking noses in giving details of numbers killed/missing is just passing on information to the enemy. FCUKING TREASON IN MY BOOK. There should be a blanket ban on news coverage on all incidents of this nature until the I/C on the ground can evaluate the situation and work out all possibilities.
    Hopefully something good may still come of this.
  5. Yeah, i hope so too, but i cant help thinking that they'll be on t'internet soon. Lets hope they were able bodied enough after the IED to leg it with plenty of ammo to smooth their journey.