Just a thought about these pesky walts

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thestoat, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Having had our Thursday evening roasting, myself and general jackson are in our rooms at Oxford, with pte golden making us hot chocolate, we are smoking fine Cuban cigars.

    We were discussing our latest thesis to be released on saturday when the conversation came around to walts and the latest batch of CDs and singers.

    With the soldiers having released an album, and now the priests, we were thinking a group of walts could release an album, simply called the walts.

    We were thinking Ashley IDE, karl Halliday and pte golden.

    Pte golden danced in the French maids outfit we make him wear at the idea of being on television, but will the others go for it.

    Your opinions gentlemen please, and any other contenders please, could we have a group of 30 or 40 walts singing, your in the army now, or maybe the YMCA in the navy, more ideas please gentleman, the best serving soldiers suggestion goes up a rank, civvies get free copy of album if released
  2. Army Dreamers, by Kate Bush.
  3. "The Great Pretender", Freddie Mercury.
  4. very good dave, best so far, up a rank, pte golden is humming it now
  5. Very good gentleman, we need ideas for more songs, 4 more to
    make album, and ideas for more actual singers, shorrty maybe, maybe we should do
    an x factor style audition, but gentleman please, ideas for singers please
  6. "Liar Liar, pants on fire" - Martha and the Vandellas? It was part of the soundtrack for Good Morning Vietnam.
  7. Thanks. Mind you, he would hum anything to take his mind off being spit-roasted by you and General Sir Mike Jackson whilst wearing a French Maids outfit.

    Is MDN with you by any chance??? :?
  8. MDN not with us dave I am afraid, but if he was he would
    be welcome to have pte goldens mouth to use, we are alone the two of us and pte golden, the winters nights have flown by lately
  9. "Walter, Walter, Lead me to the altar. Gracie Fields circa 1938. (WhenI was ten years old).
  10. Toy Soldiers by Eminem :)
  11. Quite a few songs there, we need a broarder range of singers, any ideas
  12. Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits.

    Wait...this is for the walts right?

    then its gotta be No More Lies - Iron Maiden
  13. Maybe we could have hugh fearnlet wittingstool as a director, tonight he has mentioned roasting 8 times, and tim from rims takeaway had pubic hair in his mouth, so a man after our own hearts welcome on board hugh
  14. Fecking wonabe.........The Snall faces, ffs

    FFS I cocked up. Toy soldiers with 'Tin Soldiers'
  15. Waltzing Matilda Sung by The Baron Short Male Boys Choir .