Just a simple case of cruelty against a " dumb animal " or something more sinister.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BaldBaBoon, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. There appears to be an ever increasing instance of animal cruelty or torture being reported in the media, that goes beyond the usual cases of animal neglect or sadistic owners and enters a new realm of disbelief of how a human could actually do something like this........well, I struggle to understand it any way.

    The type of cruelty I am trying to highlight is the kind that you just cannot imagine what the thought process is, putting a kitten or hamster in a microwave, hanging a dog up with fishing line...all happening in recent years.

    The horrifying pictures which show family¿s border collie after it was torched by thugs | Mail Online

    This family pet being dosed in lighter fluid and set alight.

    I may have an old fashioned view in this, but I have always firmly believed in being able to tell the character of someone or a nation by their empathy with animals...hence my long standing dislike of various peoples after I had the displeasure of serving in their shit-hole ,third world countries and seen how they treat animals firsthand.

    Would it be safe to say, the freaks who do this kind of torture and just one step away from going the full monty and setting themselves up for humans next?

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  2. Yes, but you should see what the Koreans do with theirs. The press don't seem to be so outraged about that though.
  3. What the **** have Koreans got do with animal cruelty in the UK?
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  4. "Irish Lions rugby player Stephen Ferris, who is a family friend, said the attack was 'inhumane' and the pet was as 'friendly as they come'."

    Pissing of a family who're friends with an international rugby player, great shout. Chances of the two lads that did it being found in a back alley somewhere with multiple broken bones and no teeth?
  5. It's disgusting.

    It's one thing for the Koreans to eat dogs, I don't see that as any different to people eating beef or pork. I honestly can't think why anyone would just be cruel to any animal just for laughs.

    I wouldn't go so far to say that the people who may have done this are only one step from torching a person, some people just don't see anything wrong with being cruel to animals, after all it's only a dog. I used to live in Ash Vale and there were posters up offering a reward for information that led to an arrest/conviction after someone had gone around poisoning cats with anti-freeze. If I remember correctly there had been 3 or 4 cats killed and a couple seriously ill at the vets.
  6. That’s one thing that really gets me fecked up in the head with really horrible thoughts, when i see instances of people being so cruel to torture a creature that is harmless to them.
    I really would love to meet them in a lawless state and have all the details, imagine the possibilities
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  7. Doubt it.. more chance of the scrote being set about by the local chav population. He,ll probally end up with a lil more than a few missing teeth & the odd broke bone tho.

  8. There's no question that there is a link between cruelty to animals, and (sometimes violent) psychiatric pathology - the one is sometimes but not always a marker for the other. The theory is that folks of a psychopathic bent are kind of practising on animals before moving on to humans.

    Raises the ethical question of what society should do with proven animal abusers, doesn't it?
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  9. Because dogs are almost always the poster pets for this kind of thing.

    We don't kick off against duck hunting, fox hunting, fishing, rabbiting etc. Is that not a form of animal torture and cruelty? Yes, but everyone is always outraged about the dogs...
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  11. BiscuitsAB

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    The Mrs once overheard a british woman have a go about bullfighting to a Spanaird. The Spaniards answer well thats all well and good but look at how you treat your children maybe if you put your own house in order first!
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    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You've been reading Pratchett haven't you.
  13. Erm no, what?
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Now were they random cats or was someone putting anti-freeze down in their garden?

    If its the later I can understand it, I can't condone it, but I can bloody well understand it. When we looked around our place I counted 17 cats in the garden in the space of the hour we took to view it. The Jack Russell put paid to most of them but even now you have to be careful if your planting up the flower and veg beds and even in the longer grass in the wooded part of the garden there is cat shit all over the place.

    Why should I have to clean up someone elses pet cat shit? Still the Russells had two of the mangy feline ******* to date and given them a good seeing too, despite all the bollocks people spout about cats being able to see of a dog. Yeah right you should of seen the clump of bloody matted fur he brought back as a trophy from his last engagement!

    knew a guy once who bought a Larsen trap for capturing cats and once he got them he'd take them about 25 miles away and over the other side of the Severn around bridgenorth and let them loose, said he never did see any of them again.
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