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Discussion in 'RLC' started by skintboymike, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. ...I heard today that PC Ops are going on to the higher pay band. Anyone with any more info, such as when it's coming in, ranks affected, etc? ('tis the Army Rumour Service after all)

    Cheers, SBM
  2. Rumours will remain rumours until confirmed as a load of old
    sloblock (anag.) !
  3. Forgot to mention that it was overheard in a conversation at the RLC MCM Div roadshow in London today by one of the WO1's presenting it. It could well turn out to be b*llocks, but it's certainly a reputable source...
  4. They are coming to our place on Thurs, ill keep an ear out.
  5. I wasnt aware of this .. Hmm .. I best check this out .
  6. doubt that is you in the picture......
  7. Assuming that was aimed at me, you're right, I have much less hair. :D
  8. It ought to be true. A PC Op is worth 2 Drivers and at least a bus load of Suppliers.

    ...aaaaannnd; retire to a safe distance.
  9. You Canadians are all the same, your flappy heads and beady eyes.......... :p
  10. Hope it's true might scrape some more money out of it.

    And true on the driver status posting to Mill Hill on the MT was a separate posting to working in the depot and classed as driver not sure if this is still the same?
  11. More cash for licking stamps, give me a break!
  12. Perhaps a holiday .. :)
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    Ok I'm finished.
  14. who is that on your avtar? :blowkiss:
  15. That is classified :twisted:
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