Just a quiet word out back with our little ally

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by USALegate, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. 1. Enough of the jolly bollocks small unit action repeition already. Yes, we know you're very good at hollering and running about in a manner also seen at an under-16 swimming synchronization meet, but meet my friend Jdam and my other friend Apache.

    2. Weally aristocratic officers are no good at this wargaming thing, name me one tactic or strategy that the Brits have been weally successful in the last six years?

    3. What you call our redneck mentality is deep in the bones frontier American - resourcefulness, loyalty to the death, can do, sudden violent shooting at the drop of a glass. Deal with it.

    4. Your drill and ceremonial duties are a load of balls innit, when your hofficers and screws are allowed to drink through the night into the morning. Professional is spelled with "Prof", not "Poof", so stop commenting on our jolly bollocks marching.

    5. A-10s are the Army's best friend, especially when the RAF is "utterly, utterly useless" and the RN is socially recreating in Iran.

    But even hidebound by centuries of dusty tradition, generals with moustaches so luxuriant you can grab them and ride them around the parade square (all they're good for), and quite a bit of cheek, you're family, just need a chuck on the chin and ear pulling once in a while, like now.

    USA Colonel

    "Cherub Chariot"

  2. Well Colonel,
    it would appear you have some issues. I am not going to go through them but this website is for UK pers only.

    so why dont you fcuk off (yes its spelt wrong otherwise it will not allow me to post)

    Remember the Falklands, a bit like Vietnam but a different result.
  3. Ah, finally someone I can help not talking down to. My dear comrade Foreskin-Crumb, was just wondering if there are exchange programmes your know for Silver Eagles, nothing too spectacular, perhaps the Life Guards XO or something like that you know.
  4. Hmmm isn't that the helli that we bought from you and improved by putting a more powerful engine in? You know, that one that you couldn't fly in the Balkans because it failed to cope with hills.

    Name me one that the septics have been better than us at...... :?

    Strange that sounds like redneck mentality to me. Nice to see you mentioned the sudden violent shooting bit without adding anything....... like lets see, ummm checking your targets first..... :roll:

    Ah drill, that thing we do that instills unit cohesion, the ability to act as one and follow orders? Are you saying the you guys aren't very good at that? Oh well never mind, I'm sure you'll get more soldierly with a bit of practice....

    Not with you fucking idiots piloting them they aren't. 8O

    What, Is that all you've got? If that's your idea of giving someone a bit of a slap then it's no wonder you keep losing to 3rd world countries when you attack them.......

    Come on bitch, stop being a poof and put a little more stank into it. :wink:
  5. My dear fellow,
    I think you have lost the plot, either that or you are intoxicated or just a typical US army knobber. please do not ask stupid questions and please do not darken the British Forces with your stupid comments.

    A US Officer said to me on TELIC 1, "why does the world hate the US" i said why do you think you barmy ba5tard.

    Colonel FC
  6. "Because it's full of Americans!!", is the reply I usually provide.
  7. This has got to be a Wind-up???

    Do you fcuking insular cnuts know what goes on outside your own trailer park?

    We have the most professional, highly trained forces in all the world. With deep tradition and history. What do you have? A bunch of inbreds with more guns and tanks than you know what to do with.

    You dare mock our cerimonial duties? How many SPAM films featrure the guards, the Royal family, Red buses black taxis etc. Thats because you've no history of your own. Our tradition is what makes us the professional Army we are, the yardstick for the rest of the world.

    Our regiments and corps have names, and identities. Not fcuking numbers.

    And as for the A10. yeah great weapon.... just point it in the right direction next time, you bunch of arrogant ignorant twats! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6449227.stm
  8. I can't believe people are biting over what is an obvious wind-up. Ever met an American who knows the word 'innit'? No? Well, that should give you a clue that this bloke is just trolling...

    Edited for spelling
  9. Never let reality get in the way of a good yank bashing old boy. :wink:
  10. If that fool is an american colonel I am prepared to bare my arse in Jenner's front window. Why on earth are you feeding the troll. Leave him to masturbate over his copies of soldier of fortune in a darkened bedroom until his mummy calls him down for tea.

    It's either that or the worst wind up since Caubeen was thrown out for indecencies involving Mulligan and an empty bushmill's bottle
  11. And this man should know! :wink:

  12. It. Is. Caubeen.

    Stop reacting, FFS.
  13. Wish it was Caugone tho
    Take a hint and do one.