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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. better use it before its gone :bom:

    TweetDeck: Twitter's UK Firm Risks Closure

    Social media giant Twitter's UK company risks closure over failures to file financial accounts, Sky News has learned exclusively.

    TweetDeck: Twitter's UK Firm Risks Closure - Yahoo! News UK

    One of Twitter's UK companies is at risk of being struck off over repeated failure to file accounts with the business regulator, Sky News can reveal.

    The firm under scrutiny, TweetDeck Ltd, has been fined for a second time after missing deadlines in September and December last year.

    A Companies House spokesperson told Sky News: "This is a non-compliance issue and a compulsory strike-off action has commenced.

    "TweetDeck is still yet to file. That means they have 99 days to file up-to-date accounts or face being dissolved and struck-off the register."

    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will also gain access to details of the filing failure.

    Twitter declined to comment when contacted by Sky News about the position of its UK business.

    TweetDeck is used by Twitter "power users" and helps integrate the programme with Facebook and other social media applications.

    It was originally due to file annual business accounts no later than September 30 last year, however it failed to do so and incurred a nominal £375 penalty at that time.

    But because it did not file accounts by the second cut-off of December 31 it has been hit with a second, automatic £375 penalty.

    If the accounts are not filed shortly TweetDeck may be fined a total of £1,500, and be subject to debt recovery procedures and court action.

    Details of the "proposal to strike off" were sent from the Cardiff-based business regulator to the London Gazette and are due to be published on Tuesday.

    The London Gazette is the official Government journal of record and it allows the Tax Office, creditors or other interested parties to know of TweetDeck's position.

    The Companies House annual returns are used by businesses as a basis for tax filings with HMRC, but there is no suggestion TweetDeck has avoided any tax liability.

    TweetDeck was started by Sheffield-educated computer programmer Iain Dodsworth in 2008 and sold to Twitter Inc in May 2011 for an estimated £25m.

    The San Francisco microblogging giant controls its UK operations through a Dublin-based parent firm, Twitter International Company.

    Three American Twitter Inc executives are directors of Twitter UK Ltd - chief operating office Ali Rowghani, chief executive Dick Costolo and general counsel Alex Macgillivray.

    But only Mr Costolo and Mr Macgillivray are directors of TweetDeck. Mr Macgillivray is company secretary for both UK firms and head of corporate development at Twitter Inc.

    TweetDeck's directors are now in the unenviable position of being part of the 0.9% of firms that fail to abide by regulations controlling UK businesses.

    According to Companies House, more than 2.7 million firms are actively registered and 99.1% are up to date in their filings.

    On December 10, Sky News revealed that both TweetDeck and Twitter UK had failed to file accounts by the pre-penalty due date of September 30.

    More on the webpage :soldier::soldier:
  2. Yeah and?
  3. Although I care a little less than starving africans, uneducated african school girls or the latest machete toting rebel uprising in africa, how the hell can these companies be in financial strife, they dont make anything.

    Surely the overheads are just building rental and geeks.

    FFS - perhaps its the fancy 'new age' management techniques of letting everyone come and go when they please and working from bean bags surrounded by IKEA furniture that has burst the bubble. Its certainly not from a lack of demand for their product, its just the Financial Director is probably an 18 year old stoned geek who is shit hot a Battlefield 3, hacking government websites and supplier the 22 year old CEO with his dope.

    Giz a job Geeks...
  4. They'll come to 'some agreement' with the HMRC as all big companies do.

    Non-story about a non-company
  5. Use Tweetdeck quite a bit at work -- be a shame if it disappeared. Anyone any thoughts as to whether not filing accounts is 'cos there's stuff they don't want known, or just 'cos they're a collective admin vortex?
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    My knowledge of business finance law is non-existent, but to me this sounds like saying ARRSE will be shut down because Tapatalk has gone bust; i.e. it's bollocks.
  7. It doesn't say anything about going bust or owing tax. It just says that they haven't filed accounts. That could be for a number of reasons; the most obvious one being an admin fuckup on behalf of whoever is meant to file accounts for the Tweetdeck company.
  8. Hope you're right. I virtually never tweet myself, but I do need to follow a number of twits, and Tweetdeck makes it easier.
  9. dont have an account?
    should i be worried?
  10. It's owned by Twitter. Even if the Tweetdeck company still owns the Tweetdeck software, and is in financial trouble, Tweetdeck is going nowhere.