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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xerxes_Blue_Cat, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Are these two statements true?

    Defence minister Quentin Davies, who is responsible for procurement, disputes this family's story.

    "What we do in defence procurement is to make sure that you provide the best equipment that is available at the time," he said.

    "Nobody goes and buys paint in Afghanistan in order to spray their own rifle.

    "All the weapons we issue are of the best possible specification and we wouldn't allow people to use weapons or any other personal kit that wasn't specified."

    Full story:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8290803.stm

    Now I've heard that soldiers buy quite a lot of kit on personal account prior to going on operations. A Governemtn Minister is telling me that this is not true on the BBC. Anyone care to comment?
  2. Not sure what it is like now but it used to take about 10 years to get a bit of new kit to the frontline, so any kit issued *new* was always out of date and a better alternative could be sourced from a Civvy alternative.
  3. Weasel Words. "Best available at the time" can be interpreted in many different ways.

    Man wouldn't know a weapon if it was plunged into his chest.(Hopefully)
  4. How do you tell if Quentin Davies is lying?

    His lips are moving...

    I'll walk, it's a nice day.

  5. Dear Quentin, please tell us who bought those plastic rail covers that are appearing on the railed fore ends to protect the blokes hands.

    I know who did you tosser, and it wasn't you bunch of useless cnuts.
  6. So when he says we wouldn't allow soldiers to use "any other personal kit" I take it this man is publicly lying to the Naiton on the National Broadcaster
  7. A man elected as a Tory MP and then, without resigning his seat, joins 'New' Labour and accepts an appointment therein, is nothing more than a opportunistic, deceiving and dishonest traitor - eminently suited to the Bliar/Brown Axis of Destruction, Incompetence, Spin and Lies.

    I wouldn't believe this smarmy individual if he told me my own name!

    There are public lavatories in the slums of Calcutta containing more interesting and acceptable specimens of excrement than this repulsive man - same goes for the other 'turn-coat' the execrable Woodward.
  8. Don't mince your words there will you, just let the anger flow