just a quick question???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cascadai, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Rite this is really embarrasing for me to ask but my mate told me that wen he went for his medical they do this thing where they cup your balls and tell you to cough is this true????????? 8O :?
  2. Haha the ole cup and cough eh, you think thats badm enjoy THE GLOVE!!
  3. It depends which doc you go to. The practice these days is to depress your groin and ask you to cough which delivers the same result.

    Obviously the cupping is more fun....for them of course!
  4. My mate, yeah right!!

    It used to be called cough and drop, but now they just place the top of their fingers at the bottom of your stomach to check for a hernia. (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    Then they make you bend over and stick something up your Arrse to check for prostate problems. Well thats what the Doctor said, anyway! It felt all sticky and wet, I wonder what it was?
  5. not hey more than cup now, they have a good feel to check for testicular cancer and things of that effect aswell, and the prostate thing is just wrong. After I said I refused, was just bending over to pick my clothes back up and HELLO!!
  6. haha my doc did both the fingers on the stomach and cupping the balls.

    guess the cupping was just for him if its not neccesary.
  7. Did he have both hands on your shoulders - that is the give away.... :twisted:
  8. Funnily enough he did!!!
  9. We'll that's buggered then mate.
  10. I'm still a bit sore now!!
  11. I had my balls felt and done the cough as well lol. So yeah Pirbright it happens. Got deferred with heart murmur so might have to have it done again :( :x
  12. lol jus read all the comments lmao funny stuff cheers lads im really not looking foward to this stuff yano lol and if i get deffered then i wont be to happy lol

  13. Feckin priceless (ive got to leave the office)
  14. Hypno85, You won't need to have your balls felt again, I know it's a shame :p
  15. No, really your looking foward to it.