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Discussion in 'REME' started by JPAR17, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question, how much maths do you do in phase2 for VM? And is there any need to revise my maths? Thanks.
  2. Lots and No, if you have qualified then its simples.............or not?
  3. I have yet to come across anyone who has failed the VM Basic Course - it's not possible. They teach you the bare minimum before shipping you off to learn your trade at a Unit.
  4. Odd person does fail maths and other subjects on their basic course but not that many.
  5. Thanks for your answers I really cant be bothered with my maths atm just focus on my fitness instead.
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  7. Sorry mate but I dont know what your on about?
  8. I agree but note that the failure rate for Phase 2 training is around 10-20%; that isn't just "the odd person".

    If you have scored high enough on the BARB you should be OK but it is not a given; if you fail any of the modules you will be removed from training and offered a different trade.

  9. Thanks for you answer is 59 on my BARB test high enough?
  10. I was about to post a similar question.

    Of course I'm keeping my maths skills at the level that got me through the TST, but are there any basic engineering concepts or higher mathematics I could be studying to prepare me for phase 2?

    I have virtually no experience in vehicle mechanics other than basic maintenance POL/brake pads/air filters etc. So any advice in terms of structured study would be greatly appreciated.

    I understand that the Army will teach me what I need to know but if I have the time to kill before I get to phase 2 then why not prepare?
  11. The Army will teach you all you need to know.

    However, the Army wants to know that you have the ability to absorb what you are taught and then use that knowledge to use or repair the equipment. That is the primary purpose of the BARB; to sort recruits into the trades for which they are most suitable.

    For a REME Vehicle Mechanic, a basic knowledge of vehicle engineering is a good starter. What makes an internal combustion engine work? How does a gearbox work? A clutch? Why use hydraulics? How does an alternator work? How do lead-acid batteries work? Why is the type of oil used in an equipment so important? What are the principles of refrigeration?

    In terms of maths, IIRC, you will need some basic algebra to be able to cope with the equations. Knowing how and when to solve a quadratic equation will put you streets ahead of your cohort!!

    All of that information is readily available in your local library or can be downloaded from the Web. But don't dive in too deeply - you'll frighten yourself if you didn't cover the topics in school.

    I reckon that hand skills are just as important. Have you used a hacksaw, a file, a screwdriver, a soldering iron or a spanner etc in anger? With the demise of technical training in schools, lots of recruits have never used hand tools, and the days of being able to dismantle and repair most home appliances have long gone. REME tradesmen are expected to get their hands dirty all the time - and are taught to use hand tools.

  12. Many thanks.