Just a quick question regarding the military swim test......

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by illbeamonkeysoon, May 3, 2006.

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  1. I have heard of the Military Swim Test but I am finding it extremely dificult to find any information regarding it.

    Would anyone be able to help me out and inform me:

    a. what the test comprises of?

    b. at what stage of an army career a new recruit would undertake it?

    c. how frequently the test is undertaken after that?

    thank you in advance

  2. IIRC the MST is
    Jump in and tread water for 2 minutes, then swim 2 laps of the poo, without touching the sides.

    Then i think you have the combat swim test which is something similar with PJ's and weapon. Though willing to be corrected!

  3. Ugh!
  4. Swimming Assessment – Military Swimming Test (MST)

    Tread water: enter deep water and tread water for 2 minutes
    100m swim: complete a 100m swim using any stroke
    Climb out of pool: after swim, climb out of the pool at the deep end unaided.

    From the Army website...
  5. Did mine last December with the TA assuming its the same! comprised of:
    Military Swim test,
    In shirt & trousers (PJ's) jump in,
    tread water for 2 mins,
    swim 50 meters without touching the sides,
    then get out ( on your own, not using the steps!!)

    Combat Swim test,
    wearing the same,
    Jump in tread water for 2 mins,
    Then Swim 50 meters with a bergan or weighted dummie,
    then another 50 meters without & then pull your self out the pool.

    All kit should be provided as it gets loads of Chlorine in/on it!

    correct me if im wrong, but i think thats what generaly happens for the Mil swim test!
  6. Jump in panic like fcuk... and get dragged out by a mucker.... and pass out anyway!! Apparently!!
  7. Right for the definitive answer go to this link


    download the pdf for MATT 2 fitness, trawl through it for the answer.

    I know its in combat 95 trousers and shirt. I believe its a 50m swim and climb out unaided.
  8. well it would be if you swimming resembles a brick!!!
  9. put loads of bricks in your bergan.let it drop in the deepend an try an bring it to the top without any help.
    if you can do that you have passed.
    good luck.
  10. Surely that is seriously easy compared with the rest of the army fitness standards? Tread water for 2 mins, swim 100 meters and climb out? Is that seriously all it is?

  11. well, i can imagine it would be a little tricky if you couldnt swim!... thus being a swimming test to see if you can swim.... if it was a fitness test then i would think they would place the word Fitness somewhere in the title?! what d'you reckon?
  12. Can you swim ****? If so then don't ******* worry.
  13. Can you swim kunt? If so then don't phuckin' worry.
  14. if you are doing your basic training at ATR(P) then you will do your military swimming test in the early part of your second week.

    it consists of wearing a pair of green coveralls over your swimming trunks, jump in the deep end and tread water for 2 mins , then starting from the deep end swim a length down a width across then a length back up to the deep end and then across a width to the side and climb out of the pool

    there is no time limit and you can use any stroke, you may not at any time put your feet down in shallow end or touch the side of the pool untill you climd out.

    this is the test regardless of what it says on any website,

    i am a section commander at ATR(P) so straight from the horses mouth so to speak, and you would be supprised at how many people actualy do struggle on the test.
  15. Cool I was thinking it was more of a fitness test.. yes I guess they WOULD use the word fitness if it was.. my fcuking bad...