just a quick question on irish relies

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jimmybragg, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. My cousin came over from Ireland last year and applied to join the ta he has waited nearly a year for clerence on wednesday his unit rang him and said that every thing was ok and he aint no gerry adams or owt but they were just waiting for his documents to be stamped and sent to york.
    My question is how long does it take for the docs to be stamped and he gets his number through.

    He asked but ive only been in a year and im still a bit green on paperwork matters.

    Thanks all
  2. Not to mention being a bit green on written English.
  3. That's pretty rough. I was led to believe that being Irish would hold up my application as badly as it has done for your cousin. I filled out my paperwork in October of last year and got my number in January. No dramas, although I haven't been paid yet. Apparently numbers are being given out faster now because of a new computer system or something in Glasgow (please correct me, I'm probably wrong).
  4. I had my clearance within 3 months, faster than some Scottish & English people I joined up with who had no Irish connection. Sounds like your cousin is getting shafted.
  5. Was 5 months for me, which was right before the gulf war. Everyone was busy la la la la.. with Afgan kicking off now.. same thing.. la la la.. keep chasing, give the PASO a good kick ***********..a year is takin the urine!
  6. Is he Southern or Northern?
  7. Shouldn't make a difference. The NI and ROI guys got their clearance and numbers at the same time in my experience.
  8. What are the rules regarding ROI citizens serving in NI-based TA units (whilst still living in the ROI)?
  9. please don't drive from the south to ballymena with a stop off in portadown, while wearing combat 95 and using your own car - as happened recently.
  10. God, there's one born every minute! 8O

    Can a ROI citizen and resident join an NI TA unit?
  11. Interesting one gallowglass sir, I don't know either, but if they are allowed, either in the TA or part time in one of the RIrish home service batts, then they are very brave indeed, as I am sure they would't be allowed to carry a PPW accross the border.

    Now of course, the nasty terrorists have all gone away, and while you can still just about have a PPW if you are NI resident and have a genuine need of one, I don't know how the Guardai view PPWs, and probably don't like them, especially if they are being carried by members of the British Army while back home in the republic.

    All I know is that if, as an ROI resident, I lived near enough to the UK to make being in the part time batts or the TA worth the journey, I wouldn't want to walk/drive around with anything less than 15 in the grip and one up the spout.
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    I'm not sure on the NI/Irish side of things, Gallowglass so I did some digging and lifted the above verbatim. It looks like a resident of ROI would be ineligble but I'm open to correction. I'm sure there will be some NI TA types on here who can answer definitively though.

    Have you considered le Legion etrange? :)
  13. I had a friend who was in 105 Arty and lived in Dublin. Used to commute back and forth to the North on weekends. I thought it was hilarious as he had to pretend to have a girlfriend in Belfast to cover himself. Had a separate bank account etc. for pay to go into. I'm not sure if it technically can be done, however, it has been done.

    Regards having to have lived in the UK for 3 years, I joined a week after I moved to Scotland from Dublin. Can't really see a problem with it
  14. Don't talk utter shite. There are several TA Rangers from the ROI (one of whom was the driver in question above, and a friend of mine), and have no need for PPW's. They are obviously cautious about their identities, but have no troubles otherwise.
  15. Utter shite? I think that's the pot calling the kettle black don't you? When I was a TA soldier in NI many of us carried a PPW, as there had been on or two shootings. here they are, and you should know since you are in my old regiment


    WO2 Hugh McGinn Age 40 ( 5th .V. Battalion )
    28th December 1980. Shot dead by INLA at the door of his home in Armagh.
    Two gunmen fired approx twelve rounds at Hugh as he answered the knock on his door.
    He was married with six children and was off duty at the time of his death.


    Sgt Trevor A. Elliot Age 38 ( 5th .V. Battalion )
    13th April 1983. Shot dead by the IRA as he walked from his shop in Keady to his car, a masked gunman opened fire at close range, Trevor was hit seven times. His job in the TA was a Drummer in the Territorial Army’s Pipe Band. He was married with five children and off duty at the time of his death.
    A senior TA officer said after the killing (We would like to emphasise and stress that we have no involvement in the security situation here in Northern Ireland) He was the 3rd TA Soldier to be killed.


    Cpl Trevor May Age 28 ( 4th .V. Battalion )
    9th May 1984.

    Cpl Trevor May Age 28 ( 4th .V. Battalion )
    Killed by an IRA bomb placed under the car he was driving in Newry, (The explosion happened at 16:40 on the 9th May)

    It exploded as he left a telephone Exchange with another work colleague, he was seriously injured.

    In a statement after his death the IRA admitted the killing and said ? Members of the RUC, British Army, UDR and Territorial Army are all enemies of the Irish people? He was married with one child and off duty at the time of his death... he was the 4th TA soldier to be killed.

    A first hand account by [ K.J. Lucas ]

    The reason I remember it so well is, it is my birthday, Both Trevor and his colleague Jim and I served together for about 8 years, often on United nation exercises as umpires etc. as we were in the signals section of that unit, Jim a Major, myself a Sgt and Trevor was a Cpl

    Trevor and Jim not only worked together, and lived close to each other but they also helped each other build their new houses.

    That day they used Jims Volvo car, not Trevor's car! they parked their car on the main Belfast to Newry Road, as it seems safer in plain view for everyone to see and watch, as it is a wide street with no houses or anything to obstruct the view, sometime during the afternoon the bomb was placed on top of the front drivers side wheel, when they finished work at 4:30pm Jim gave Trevor his car keys, it was Trevor's turn to drive home, as he started to pull out of the parking space the tilt switch in the bomb triggered the devastation, Trevor caught most of the blast being in the driving seat and was killed almost instantly, Jim had most of the right side of his body blown away and spent many months in hospital where they repaired him as best they could, at one stage they stitched his right forearm's fleshless bone into his stomach, months later when his own stomach had grafted onto his arm bone they cut it free from his stomach, many months of painful skin and flesh grafting and much other medical care, not to mention the mental anguish of it all, took its toll on Jim, not only now a cripple but his marriage and everything around him collapsed.

    Trevor's wife and then new born child last I heard still live in the house that he built. which is not far from where Trevor is buried in Tullylish Graveyard


    LCpl Thomas (Tommy) Gibson, Age 27 ( 4th .V. Battalion ) shot by the IRA in Kilrea, Co Londonderry on 9 Oct 1989 whilst off duty. He was a TA soldier serving with the Recce Pl, 4th (V) Bn Royal Irish Rangers, based at Limavady, in the process of transferring to the RCT (TA) in Ballymoney at the time of the shooting.


    Ranger Robert Dunseath, Age 25,( 4th .V. Battalion ) blown up in the Teebane Massacre by PIRA with his civilian work colleagues whilst off duty on 17 January 1992. He, and 7 of his colleagues, were killed in a land mine attack on firm's van (6 others were seriously injured), returning home from construction work at Lisanelly Army base, Omagh, at Teebane Crossroads, near Cookstown, County Tyrone. He was a TA soldier serving with Recce Pl, 4th (V) Bn Royal Irish Rangers, based at Limavady. He was in the process of resigning when he was killed, in order to spend more time with his young family.


    Things might have changed, but I feel sure that dissident republicans wouldn't think twice about taking a pop at a known soldier. "they are obviously cautious about their identities" hmmm, yes, wearing British Army uniform whilst driving from the ROI to the province for duty is extreemily cautious, as you say.

    Your friend is obviously a very sensible man. 8O Don't talk utter shite :lol: