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Quick question. If you had received Confirmed Cadetship and the associated sponsorship from a Regiment to get into Sandhurst, could you attempt to join another regiment at the appropriate point during the CC?

I ask because when I was told I needed sponsorship to get into Sandhurst, I was advised by my CSM to go with a regiment I had previous history with and not the regiment I had intended to join. I hate to use one regiment as a stepping stone to join another, but I would rather join the regiment I intended to in the first place.

Any idea of what the implications of such a move would be whilst at Sandhurst?


Being a sponsored cadet and a confirmed cadet are 2 different things, Sponsored is just a regiment saying they're interested in you but they're in no obligation to accept you. Confirmed cadet sis you and the regiment agreeing that you will join them.

To answer your question, if you're taking a confirmed cadetship then you must tell your platoon commander and the regiment by the end of week 1 in the CC, you'll then take no further part in the RSB process. If you're a sponsored cadet, it doesn't actually have any real impact in the RSB process at all.

So basically, figure out if you're going to be sponsored or accept confirmed cadetship. if it's the latter, then you'll be obliged to join that regiment.
The best option is to be completely honest with the Regiment that have offered you a confirmed cadet place. They will thank you for your honesty and it allows them to look for other candidates. If you change your mind at the last minute it's seen as bad form - and all the Regiments talk to each other. It's a pretty decent sell to your preferred choice of Regiment as well that you have turned down the certainty of confirmed place in another Regiment. Good luck whatever you decide!

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