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I have passed all the prerequisite tests/selection lark and an due to start in sometime close to a month (I'm being extra cagey as I'm unfamiliar with OPSEC/PERSEC rules).
In amongst the time taken to actually get in - over a year - my girlfriend fell pregnant and dropped my sprog. So I was wondering, I know that you're not allowed cars on camp during phase one. But is this rule relaxed on phase two, to the point that I would be able to commute to her and my child on weekends?

Thanks in advance.
You are right about Phase 1, you won't be able to take your car with you to Pirbright. Phase 2 is different, and recruits can take their cars along.

You will have a lot of work to do during Phase 2 which will eat into your evenings and at times the weekend as well. This is not unusual, so you will need to get your girlfriend used to the idea that you won't be home every weekend during Phase 2. I'm not sure if the recruits do duties these days, or in what capacity. Someone else will probably be able to tell you about this, there are plenty of Phase 2 recruits posting on here.

If you are planning to get married in the near future you won't be eligible for SFA (married quarters) until you've completed Phase 2 and gone to your first posting. You'll also need to get your girlfriend used to the idea that your first posting may not be geographically close to your home location. We still have jobs in Germany and NI for instance.

If you've not done so already please read the stickies on joining as a regular at the top of the Int Corps thread. A lot of your questions will be answered there.
Thank you, I have had a scan through but couldn't notice an answer to my car question.
Marriage isn't out of the question and may be necessitated by a Germany posting (my step father and mother are already over there so I'm relatively clued in about it), she has also been told constantly by myself and family but whether she takes notice is yet to be seen.
Cheers for the response
I would be surprised if you are not allowed a car during phase 2; it's quite a grown up environment.

If nobody on here knows the definitive answer, I'll ask for you sometime this week.
Yes, you are perfectly entitled to bring your car to phase 2, I believe the only stipulation is that you're not to drive it during working hours Mon-Fri.

As for the course eating into your time, if what I see of pissed-up trainees passing the femmes around the block is anything to go from, it REALLY doesn't take that much effort.

And Phase 2 trainees are entitled to married quarters. I know of at least three currently.
Thanks Sheep
I'm sure that if Phase 2 is as time consuming as has been mentioned that both my girlfriend and I would have been prepared by the long separation of Phase 1. But if it isn't then all the merrier for me!
Be seeing you lot sometime around July time
I turned up to Ashford after 4 days notice in my good old Austin Maxi 1750 HL! Got saluted, shouted at and 26 years later became a civvie again!
I was able to commute between Ashford and Colchester at weekends (on a motorbike) and managed to get all the coursework done. You just need to plan your time carefully during the week and make sure you stay on top of the workload.

I was able to commute between Ashford and Colchester at weekends (on a motorbike) and managed to get all the coursework done.

I used to commute from Ashford to a cardboard box in middle o't'road 120 miles away, walking barefoot... setting off at 5pm after work on a Friday and arriving at midnight on Saturday, just in time to turn round and start walking back again... doing my homework whilst walking, illuminated by the light of a zippo lighter at night, using only a broken stub of pencil... then had to lick t'road clean outside Block 6 before doing block jobs in time for Monday morning parade...

But if you tell that to kids today... they won't believe you :)
What is this Ashford you speak of ? I remember some dump in the middle of nowhere where we all had to sleep in some shitty portacabin, but I did my A3 (V) over a lot of weekends at Handel St. Turn up Friday bnght - cue pub. Work Saturday. Cue night out in Central London, end up on someone's floor in cheap hotel round the corner. Work bleary eyed on Sunday, pass exam then stagger home. Bloody marvellous, lightweights for goalposts etc.
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