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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Well recently the fact that a lot of infantry soldiers that are my mates are leaving the Army (well 2 lol) after really wanting to join has brought a question to ask you guys to mind. Are you getting the same problem or is the Engineers so damn good that no-one wants to leave so early on in their career? ;)
  2. You get it in all walks of life ,if you don't like it leave or change ,you in-fact chose your trade so to speak ,and yes I know you've not joined up yet ,if I were you I'd stop stressing about what your ex-cadet mates are doing ,by all means take on-board what they are saying, but you don't know until you have given it a go :wink:
    To answer your question ,a lot of people get out in all stages of their army career's all sorts of reasons .
    I'm sure with the array of knowledge here on ARRSE some other little gems will appear

    PS also stand by for some incoming
  3. Your name is 'RoyalEngineers' and your not even joined up yet???

    Well, I once met a guy who worked for the Army Benevolant Fund and he said the Average Infanteer leaves in 8 years. While the average Engineers leaves at 16. Take it for what it is.

    Engineers have alot of veriety as well as you can up to 5 trades :- Infanteer, Combat Engineer, Trade, Driver(if required by trade, can still get shoved into CBT SP TP as a driver if not needed by your trade) + specialist trade. So what I am saying is, if you don't like what your doing in the Engineers, chances are you won't be doing it all the time in your career anyway.
  4. Will you ever learn N/T :roll: :roll:
  5. Your name is "nighTRAINED" and you can't pass a PFT.

    It's IRONIC
  6. Shitetrained more like 8O :x :roll:
  7. Lol cheers guys.. don't ask why I was even thinking politicly, I know i'll love it ;) Is Gib harder than basic then lol.. ;)

    Anyway yeah I wanted a job with variety so I guess i'm choosing the right one..

    ..and so what if my name is RoyalEngineers and i'm not even in there? :p
  8. Fcuking hell i have just sprayed cornflakes all over the place.
    Nightrained for fcuks sake you do like giving yourself shite dont you !!
  9. Yum yum ;)
  10. Nighttrained.....where to start...Although we say we can 'act as infantry' when required, I seriously doubt, apart from the commando/para types, that we could claim 'Infanteer' as an RE trade. I think the real 'INFANTRYMEN' might find that funny. Go on the infantry forum and ask. They don't claim to be able to do our job, let's not claim to be able to do theirs.

    Secondly, pass a PFT before you even try and grip other sprogs...