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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mark22, May 25, 2010.

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    Hey I have C/P this below from an old thread I found. I want to join the REME my eyesight is correctable to 6/6, 6/4 it says my vision is with my contacts on my prescription. And my eyesight is within the -7 diopters of correction. I am -5 diopters, from that information it sounds as though I may be able to join the REME. Can any on clarify my thoughts.

    Minimum visual standards

    Candidates for the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst who are to join the Infantry, Foot Guards or Parachute
    regiment may be accepted with a visual acuity of 6/9 or above in the right eye, otherwise candidates for the
    Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Army Scholarships and University Cadetships require a minimum visual
    acuity with spectacles of 6/6 in one eye and not less than 6/36 in the other. Normally the right eye must be
    correctable to 6/6 except in R Signals, RAChD, Army Medical Service, REME, AGC and Int Corps where the
    right eye may be the worse. Officer cadets for RLC must have the vision in the left eye correctable to 6/12.

    Soldiers are accepted with a minimum corrected visual acuity between 6/6 and 6/12 depending on the regiment
    or corps, in the right eye, and 6/36 in the left eye. Driving grades require vision in the left eye to be correctable
    to 6/12, and certain safety critical trades require vision to 6/6 bilaterally with spectacles.

    Myopia exceeding 7 dioptres in any meridian in either eye or hypermetropia exceeding 8 dioptres precludes
    acceptance even if vision is correctable to the required standard.
  2. from the pulhheems manual

    I have C/P this aswel from another thread does any one no were I could find a copy of the pulhheems manaul?

    Eyesight requirements for Para regt

    (parachutists) 8/3 (right eye) 8/8 left eye

    to decypher this then

    6/6 = 1
    6/9 = 2
    6/12 = 3
    6/18 = 4
    6/24 = 5
    6/36 = 6
    6/60 = 7
    less than 6/60 = 8

    so if you can get a score of 6/60 or better in both eyes and with glasses improve it to 6/12 or better in just your right eye its all good.
  3. Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:45 am

    Found the link below realy hopefully for people concerned about eyesight, There isn't many jobs in the army were you are required to see 6/60 unadided. I no in the navy for any job the minuim standard is 6/60 in your right eye.

    Author: bat_country Location: only for people with true grit!
    i think all the info about minimum eyesight standards and how they apply to which trade your going for are contained in this "PULHHEEMS ADMINISTRATIVE PAMPHLET 2007" kindly given to me by theoriginalphantom

    cant remeber which specific pages you need to look at but bear with me and ill check

    PAP 2007 PDF

    have aread of chapter 1 pg 1-4 for description of eyesight codes and how they work.

    then chapter 4 for entry standards for soldiers

    then table 2 for soldier entry standards by arm and employment (table 6 seems to show same info)

    and you could have a look at table 7 for the functional interpretation of PULHHEEMS codes

    hope that helps
  4. should be fine, i'm in the REME and have around -4d in both eyes. An old Workshop 2ic (young lad) of mine had -5d. proper jam jar wearer :)
  5. what job do you do in the REME?
  6. I ask as iv looked again it seems most jobs require you to be able to see 6/60 which is coded 7. I wanted to do air craft tech which be looking at this table requires you to be able to see 6/60 which is a 7. Then there trades like para and infantry that don't require you to see 6/60 coded 8. Which seems abit mad as you should need better unadided vision in the infantry not an air craft tech.
  7. anyone here know if astigmatism is a bar to entry?