Just a question? HELP ME!!! Lack of info...

First, take a deep breath and calm down...
Welcome to the Army :D

Relax. Turn up with the kit you've been told to bring at the time and place you've been told to be. Everything will be explained to you in detail - then it'll all change - then it'll change back. Just try your best and you'll be fine.
First things first, I feel your pain, but chill out it makes nothing easier.

The risk reduction run is 1.5 miles.
This must be completed in under 14 minutes or less.
As far as I am aware press ups/sit ups are best effort at this stage

Go there this saturday and do as best as you possibly can, you should have been doing a bit of training for it by now anyway.
Turn up with a good attitude and well rested and you will make it through.
Stop panicking.
Its annoying yes but hey, welcome to the TA

The Army doesn't yet do all it's business by internet. The time will come, undoubtedly, but not yet.

Think logically. If the distance was 1 mile and you had to run it in 14 minutes, you wouldn't do it. You'd walk it. So the distance has to be 1.5 miles to make it worthwhile.

If you took 14 minutes to run 1.5 miles, you wouldn't be impressing many people. So you do your best effort and try to do it in 6 minutes.

If you could do it in 6 minutes, you'd be an olympic athlete. You're not, so you won't, but you can still TRY to do it in 6 minutes. That's the idea of best effort. (Really it means that you're running as an individual, doing your best, rather than trying to run at the same pace as the rest of the group).

Tomorrow morning (i.e. before 11:30, so get to bed when you've finished reading this), phone the people again and listen carefully to what they say. Make sure that you have paper and pencil to hand and write down what they say. When they've finished, read it back. I'm not taking the pi$$. They will give you all the information that you need, but you need to ensure that you have fully understood what they have said and not missed a vital bit of the conversation.

And relax. There's no need to go stressing yourself.
o joy lol... looks like its gonna be a crazy Saturday.... and your right... thanks guys,,, and god bless the government.... they know how to make everything easy for us.....
DanGill87 said:
o just one more thing... do you run in singles or as a group????
I've just explained this. YOU are running as an individual. There may well be others that start at the same time and head in the same direction, but you are going to be running as fast as you can, sod the rest. You'll be taught teamwork later.

Try to be the first one finished. If you can't manage this, then try to be the second one. If, by any chance, everyone is faster than you, then make sure that you complete the distance. Vomiting and crawling on bloodied hands and knees is permitted, but make sure that it's your BEST effort.

If you finish before other people, encourage them in. These people will be your best mates and you should help each other - but DON'T wait for them.
Don't worry the first twenty odd years are the worst. Then you'll start asking why hair grows out of your ears etc!
And don't forget the 800m group warm up
DanGill87, I would be veeeery surprised if you were told that the Risk Reduction Run was only a mile long. A mile in 14 minutes? Come on, work it out 'Dude', most people could walk a mile in that time!

As the others have already said, 'panic not'. If you are relatively fit and you come along with the right attitude then you should pass with flying colours.

If you have any other questions regarding your Selection Weekend then either ask this evening, or call the TA Centre during the day and the very friendly, helpful and professional Staff there will be only too happy to answer any questions that you may have :) .

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