Just a little flirt

A man, recently married, comes home from work and hears strange sounds coming from the bedroom. He goes upstairs and there's his wife on the bed being 'serviced' by 5 men simultaneously, one up her fanny, one up her backside, one in her mouth and a cock in each hand. But not only that, there's also 3 or 4 other naked men, all stiff-cocked, around the bed watching and waiting. One of them, not realising that he was the husband, says, "Strip off, mate. Your turn will come, She's fuckin' insatiable!" The wife then notices her husband standing there, jaw-dropped, and lets the cock slip from her mouth. "Oh, hello darling. Shouldn't be much longer. Your dinner's in the oven. It just need heating up." Then she goes back to her gobbling while the others continue their pumping. The chap just CANNOT believe what he'd just seen. It has to be a very nasty dream. no - much worse than that. Pinching himself and fuming with rage he isn't aware of going downstairs and sitting in the living room in a total daze. Eventually after a while he hears a number of heavy footsteps clomping down the stairs, and then his wife's voice saying several cheery goodbyes. She comes into the living room, dressing gown hastily thrown around her, wiping her face with a tissue, sees her husband sitting there completely motionless, but absolutely black with fury. She looks at him. "Hello darling - Are you alright? How was your day?" Somehow, on the very edge of explosion, he manages to work up the strength to say "How was my fuckin' day? Jesus Christ! What the fuck d'you mean, you filthy fuckin' slut?" She looks at him quizzically for a bit. Then "Now darling, please don't be a spoilsport. I swear that was the first time I've ever been unfaithful. Now be a good boy, sit down and eat your fish and chips."
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