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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sportbilly42, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Seeing as the Government are considering allowing drivers to break the law a little bit by allowing them to park on yellow lines for up to 15 minutes (which will end up being 25 minutes by the time you've done your shopping) in an effort to improve the situation on the High Street, (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23493211) can we also assume that we'll be allowed to speed by just ever so slightly and get away with it, provided that we can say we were on our way to a SALE on said High Street and didn't want to miss out on the bargains?

    I mean it's all part of the whole buying/shopping process. Ie us rushing to get TO the shopping is the same as us dumping our cars anywhere so that can DO the shopping... wouldn't you think?

    Hope it gets approved, I really do. I can't wait to dump my car in various spots around my local town just to cause a bit of temporary gridlock....

    And while we're at it perhaps we can also have the first 15 minutes of shop lifting free...
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  2. As long as you don't do it in a white fleet motor with that Trimble thing fitted..........
  3. Great idea from Eric Pickles. 15 minutes should just about cover the time it takes to park, nip into Spar to pick up a Ginsters and wobble back to the car again
  4. It is not an offence to park on double yellows. All they do is designate the area where parking restrictions apply. I think it was Newmarket that had double yellows both sides of a road ... unlawful to park one side Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday and unlawful to park the other side Tuesday Thursday Saturday. The double yellows stay but the sign designates the restriction.

    Pickles can modify the restriction. I think.
  5. Have you ever read the highway code?

    What you have described are single yellow lines.
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  6. No. Never read the highway code despite passing my test over 50 years ago with 1 Para in the Middle East.
    Is it an interesting read?
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  7. I think as the safety issues with speeding are the same as being parked, you have a point.
  8. If you can park for 15 mins and then let someone else park for 15 mins wouldn't it be better to take away the yellow lines and give everyone an hours free parking.
    Then you wouldn't have to rush around as if your arse is on fire !!!
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  9. It's how it used to be when Cops and traffic Wardens used to dish out Parking Tickets. Unless the vehicle was parked in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction they had 10 minutes leeway. It only changed when some Police Forces, and worse, Councils decided the motorist could be milked for 'Revenue' rather than merely enforcing the law. Hence the proliferation of double yellow lines.
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  10. Yeah and years ago loads of places had short stay free parking and thriving town centres. Now they've to employ posh tarts to work out why people went to park free at out of town shopping centres.
    It's not yellow lines that's the problem it's council greed. Most of our town centre car parks are full of council staff cars with parking permits. Maybe we should have forced council staff out of town or curbed their massive expansion.
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  11. I used to drive a bin wagon collecting trade waste. It was a nightmare then with people parking on double yellows, delivery trucks have the same problems. It can only get worse if it becomes a free for all.
    What is to stop car after car after car all parking there for 15 mins continually? In that case, the lines may as well not be there at all.
    Ridiculous idea.

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  12. J, we have a council office next the shopping center where I work. The council hire one of our carparks, it makes 3 x more money per space than the main customer carpark.

    Green is the council offices
    Blue the carpark they hire
    Red is the main carpark
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  13. It's other people's money, they're entitled to spend it as they see fit...
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  14. I'm expecting an airport style moving walkway any time. Why should they have to walk all the way from across the road.
  15. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    You are allowed to speed ever so slightly. Limit+10%+2 is the threshold you'll usually get a tug for, so 79 on the motorway and about 35 round town.