Just a general rant.........................

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SpeckledJim, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. having had to read through yet another DMS/AMS/FAS/IMSB concept paper I'm really beginning to wonder if military language has finally developed into a totally new language. How may time can you possibly use "robust", "delivery" and "capability" in one sentence? well three if you're me! No wonder we're all ferked when it comes time to hand in our green suits. Our new civvy employers just can't understand a word we say!!! Roger so far over?

    OK rant over, there's a nice man in a white suit outside..........................
  2. The bullsh*t starts with the septics. Then business in the UK takes it on. Then the civil servants decide it might make them look better (fat chance of that). Before you know it we're all talking bollix.

    Bring back plain English.

    By the way, the man in the white suit is either Randall or Hopkirk. Can't remember which was which.
  3. Hopkirk (deceased) if I remember right.
  4. After a short spell out of the green machine, I fell out of the habit of using TLA's and found that basic english as opposed to acronyms and burbling management speak which actualy doesn't mean anything was the way forward!

    Back in green again I find that the military does indeed speak its own language, of which only those of field rank and above seem to understand! Indeed, you could make understanding the various programmes, initiatives, projects and schemes a full time job (of which I'm sure many do) but not actually achieve any end product of use. It will probably, however, get you on the New Years honours list !

    It's not big and it's not clever. In the illustrious words of Roy Walker, the iconic host of Catchphrase, "Say what you see".

    TTFN LOL !
  6. You moaning old SB, shut your fcuking yap and DSFW!

    Cant work it out then GALMBYOB!

    ............I remember sitting in on a bird table in K........and thinking that they were speaking in tongues? Perhaps a trip to ASL Beaconsfield is required.