Just a few Questions

Hi guys I'm joining the Paras soon. Just a couple of questions that I hope you dudes can help me out with:

1) Will I be able to go on the pull during training and WHEN I pull will I be able to bring girls back to the barracks for a night of passion?

2) I'm extremely good looking. Will I get any more stick off the drill sergeant because of this? Most guys are jealous of my looks you see.

3) Will steroids show up on the p1ss test? (This questions is for a friend).

4) When I get into Special Forces (The SAS to be precise) will my beret colour change to the cream colour or will I have a maroon (para) beret with an SAS cap badge? On Call of Duty 3 for the XBox360 an SAS guy has a red beret. Is this right?

5) When I'm in the SAS who am I allowed to tell?

Thanks guys.
So who are you really? Has to be one of the regulars who's bored out of his mind. :jocolor:
1. No, you will be passed around the PS as their bitch and will end up with **** syph

2. You will have a special milling session (bare knuckle) so that you become accapted into 3 para mortars

3. No, but your breasts and extremely small willy will give it away.

4. It will be pink

5. Your mum and the cleaner - no one else

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