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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DeadlyArtsMaster, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Do you guys work closely with MI5 and MI6?

    Is your main weapon the pistol as opposed to the rifle? Due to concealability. If yes, do you use silencers on the pistols all the time?

    If I join will I be able to tell people what I do? Or will you give me a cover job? I had a friend who told me in secret once that he planned to join the intelegence Corps. One day I went round to his house to wish him good luck and he was gone, his house was empty and he could not be contacted. He had disapeared completely off the face of the earth. There were no records of him at all. And when I phoned the police they sounded scared and said they had no records of him and that he never existed. Is this normal?
  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  3. Very much so.

    You only get the silencer once you've attained 00 status.
  4. Gotta be a big waaahhhh. I hope so anyway or else this kid needs considerable medical intervention.
  5. nice one chimpy. you don't give up easy, do you? :)
  6. This is what I have missed these last few weeks...

    Oh the joy of seeing a complete fuckwit turning up on these pages just fills my heart with joy...I'm getting all giddy. I may have to go to the armoury and sign out the BabyK and a nice SiG. Where's the Aston keys?

    CR...is the Gulfstream fully fuelled?

    Where's G2LB?
  7. still doing his PFT i think. he started on friday morning :)
  8. Phhftt
  9. CR is flying the 737-400 this week using the alias of Chucky Van-Grosseknob.

    The Gulfstream is still delivering the last of the Easter Boxes to Linconlstan.

    ( Its having to taxi all the way there to save on cycles)

    Deadly Arts Master: check your registry settings :wink:
  10. He was lying. Anyone who had passed the rigorous selection process would have referred to it as the Intel Corps.
  11. Whoever's got the Aston, can MT have it back please? It is due a PRE.

  12. Obviously FIS trying to detect a less than total commitment to "our" cause........ Well done all of you for detecting it. Your 00 status will be reviewed..... and so will all your 1771/JPA(!) Expenses claims.
  13. by the way, in case any newbies are confused about the seeming lack of order to this post... the person who started it has been granted Oxygen Thief status. which (thanks to recent improvements to the site) means if you are logged in, you can't see their drivel :D

    if you really want to read what he wrote, either log out or click "post reply" and scroll down.
  14. Or indeed if you're a glutton for punishment, change your Threshold setting to 'uncut and raw'. 8O
  15. what's the point in having a mong filter if you don't use it? :)

    now, how do i filter out specified individuals...