Just a couple of questions (Overseas,Marks,Fitness,Eyesight)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lansen, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Right, so, I'm sixteen, seventeen in October, and I'm quite keen on enlisting.

    I'll've been living in Canada for three years by next week, and I'm in Grade 11 over here.

    I came out of Year Eleven AP Maths (The course consisted of around 50% Year 12 material, 50% Year 11) with 79%, but, having had a chat with some mates from back home, I don't think that's actually the equivalent of GCSE level (Won't be touching on derivatives and the like -- basic calculus -- until next year, but some friends in year eleven in a grammar school back home have already done that). My marks aren't particularly good, by any means. I suppose I'll have to use the generic "I could do better, if I tried", but that implicates me for not trying.

    At the end of the day, I've really dossed around and I haven't done right by myself, so I'm stuck with 60s and 70s.

    To what degree will this be held against me if I apply? Are there any examinations I can sit to provide an assessment of my knowledge? I'm willing to put time into catching up to the standards of education in the UK.

    Next up, I'm really quite out of shape. What's a good measure of fitness to see if I'm ready for applying? I'm just over 10 stone, 5' 7". I haven't played any sports since I got over here, but I did play rugby on Sundays for a couple of years before I moved.

    As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be any issues with my living in Canada provided I move back prior to applying. It's quite difficult for me to catch the Army recruiters on their online thing, given I'm in a different timezone, and I've got to go to school during the day. Is there a mandatory period of contiguous residency prior to application?

    I've got issues with my eyesight, namely colourblindness, and hearing. I've done a sample of the Ishihara plate tests online (http://www.toledo-bend.com/colorblind/Ishihara.html), and I've only managed to get two of them. Unsurprising; I scored similarly on an in-school test a while back. Will this be a serious obstacle?

    I'm quite proficient with computers (I can install and administer a LAMP stack well enough, and I'm exposed to quite a broad range of languages and technologies), and I'd quite like to cultivate and consolidate them, if possible, within an Army role. My understanding is that this would be a problem, given my lack of academic qualifications. Any further information in that regard?

    Final quick question, is there an Army library that recruits are given access to? I read quite a bit, particularly early C19 history, and early C20 literature, Joyce and Kafka being my favourites, and it'd be wicked if I could keep up that interest within the Army.

    Sorry if the questions are answered elsewhere. I've done my best to look around and find the answers myself.

  2. I'm no expert but I'll try my best to help out with what I can. I'll start with the easy one Fitness: you will have time to get your fitness up prior to going in if you go in and once in they will also help you get your fitness.
    Did you check out http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/Contact+Us/Home.htm I'm sure they would have an e-mail for you or you could try leaving a message.
    I'm no expert on the color blindness but I do know it would limit what you can apply for within the army.
    you can earn degree and qualifications in the army and there is normally plenty of opportunity to do so as regards to the education you will do a BARB test which really just tests your suitability for what jobs (tells you what jobs you can do in the army) I'm sure if you can get hold of a recruiter they can help more with this.

    Have you thought about going into the Canadian army instead might be a bit easier I know they also have the odd exchange programme seems a little odd to apply from such a long way away your best bet is to get hold of a recruiter you could try getting up early on a Saturday and talking to them online (not sure how early but the times they are open is on website)

    Best of luck and any thing I've missed I'm sure some one will help out in the morning when we get up over here.
  3. I've sent them a couple of emails in the past, to no avail, so I eventually just stopped trying. I use gmail, which usually has quite reasonable spam filters, so I don't think their reply would've gotten trashed. Should I just keep trying?

    I'll make sure to get up and talk to them when I have the chance. It's not a lot to ask, lol.

    What kinds of questions are on the BARB?

    I have given consideration to the Canadian Forces, but, at the end of the day, I'd have to say this isn't my country, and I think that the Army is more than just a job to me. I wouldn't feel right about the Canadian Forces.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. I'm sure if you look about you can find out I never had to do one for some reason but it's stuff like a bit of maths some problem solving skills I think. I'm sure some one will say soon. Not sure why the army would ignore your e-mails unless its a g-mail thing no idea can't hurt to try more though I'm sure when the recruiters get up and are bored at work they will come on and be able to help you a lot more than I can.
  5. Right, I've fired off emails, and I'm waiting on a response.

    Any personal opinions on where I should go from here?
  6. And the colour perception is a role-by-role thing. There isn't one blanket cutoff. Good news for me, I think.