Just a coincidence?

Or an indication of overwhelming cultural racism rampant in the US, now that one of them is the President:

Not so Serena


In the case of Kanye West, he took advantage of a live broadcast to put in his ever so racist opinion.

In the case of not-so-Serena Williams, her blatant denial after the fact doesn't add to her credibility.

Back atcha byoooch ...
Once can almost predict it will get worse in the USA before it gets better.

Boorish behaviour is always inexcusable, but, when the race factor is added into the mix, look out.

Note how all the US conservatives, when they speak out against the Democrats are automatically labeled racists? This will be a common tool used by the Democrats through the next elections in late 2010. In some regions, it has been reported, having just supported McCain was enough to be called a racist bigot.

This was predictable. Early in the 2008 election season many US Blacks were saying loudly that Obama was not black enough. Their evidence was his Yale education, his private secondary schooling, the fact all of his female companions pre-Michelle were white, etc. Now, any sign of a lack of support for Obama is seen as racism.

It is going to get ugly.
parapauk said:
Kanye should have been shot in the leg by MTV security for that stunt. It was not, however, a race issue.
Roger that. It was more of an 'over paid talentless cnut' issue I reckon. What a throbber that Kanye truly is.
Note that there was no mention by these two tarts that Beyonce asked the country singer up on stage when she received a award of her own.

""Wow, this is amazing," Beyonce said when receiving her award. "I remember being 17-years-old and up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life. So, I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment."

Taylor then joined Beyonce on stage and recited her acceptance speech, only making a subtle reference to the incident. Before rattling off her special thanks, she said, "Maybe we can try this again." "

But that wouldn't suit their agenda, would it.


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You're seriously making an effort to comment on a thread started by IvyGrad?

Have a quick peek at her usual efforts and see where they end up. There's a reason for that.
I suspect that most Americans black, blue or pink, watched Serena, and didn't think 'You go, girlfriend!' and didn't watch Kanye's performance, and think 'Yeah, tell dem honkies, Bro!'

Most probably thought 'That silly cow is making herself look a right tw*t' and of Kanye 'You kn*b'.

I've learned over the years that idiots are delivered from stores in all colours. Coming fitted with a basic suntan doesn't mean you can't spot someone of your own colour just being an oaf.

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