Just a boy - Richard McCann

As we came in with the policeman, the staff seemed to be expecting us. We were given cups of hot chocolate and taken to a room with a television. After a while, once we were settled in comfortably, the policeman came back in to see us. He felt more like a friend by now. He sat down and said he had something to tell us.

'Your mum has been taken to heaven,' he said. 'You won't be seeing her any more.'

Someone had attacked our mum, without warning or explanation, the policeman said. His words seemed jumbled, unreal. I needed time to sort them out and think about them. Such a terrible thing couldn't really happen, could it? It just didn't make sense. I relied on Mum completely, how was it possible that she was no longer there for me? It wasn't possible, I decided eventually. The policeman had made a mistake and she would be coming back one way or another. I stopped listening to him. If she could be taken away to heaven so easily, I was sure she could be returned. I simply had to wish hard enough and everything would be normal again.
I have read this book and the other 2. Its a sad true story but yet it was good to read. His poor mother being the 1st victim of Pete Sutcliff aka "yorkshire ripper".

Has any one else read this?
Just read this book and the sequel, between reading the two I read in the paper that the Authors' sister Sonia had killed herself just before christmas. A very compelling read and a sad indictment of the entire UK social services system over the last 30 years as far as Sonia is concerned.

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