Just 1 in 20 TA soldiers trained to serve on the front line.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. done already, see TA forum
  2. Sorry I don't go in there.
  3. Neither do the TA...only on Tuesday night after they've had a free dinner ;)
  4. You get a meal on Drill nights ? thought that was only UOTC's to feed the needy Student types? Anyway i dont give a fuck I'm one of the 20... :eek:)
  5. It's £3 a pop for a plate of beans and chips. I could get better food out of a homeless man's bins.
  6. you need a Better UOTC couple of my lot (And I) did DS for Wpn Handling at G & SC UOTC few years back and they had great scoff.....
  7. Hang on, a drill night is between 18.30-21.00 hrs, and your telling us that during this little pressures training time the T.A are busy eating beans and chips?

    Yes, now i can understand why only 1 in 20 of you are up to scratch for the front line. :)
  8. Lol fraid not...never seen it in any other unit barr a uotc..

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  9. Might that explain why individual attachments to regular units are generally well regarded, whilst the impression of the TA put across on here is of fat, useless mongs?
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  10. Got to agree with DeltaDog, the ones we had attached to us have always been pretty keen and motivated, probably because they wanted to be deployed and went balls out to get there.

    Some of the TA posters on here do not do themselves any favours, mind :)
  11. never been fed on a drill night unless its left over curry from the old boys after knock off.
    Back to the thread its hardly suprising when you consider this, it takes a year to get a bloke from initial enquiry to the end of this phase one, then in my trade he has to learn to drive and service a wagon up to B3 standard and pass all his MATTS before he can be considered for deployment. Time scale from initial enquiry to this point 24 months if he's lucky, most people only last 4 year in the TA and leave, thus starting the whole process again.
    Better retention policy is whats needed. More carrot and less stick
  12. Presume most of them are part of the '19'.
  13. We can get it at the end of the night in the mess, the RSM takes orders during parade. My OTC is frontline ready, because if we're the frontline then no amount of training is going to stop us being steamrollered...