Jury Service

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bootifull, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. My beloved husband has been selected for jury service, he's not best pleased about it as he's a wee bit busy at the moment.
    Can he report at the court in CS95?
  2. If he's a member of the Forces his Jury service can be delayed/postponed indefinitely for Service Reasons, all it needs is a letter from his CO to the Court explaining the circumstances. If he's not a member of the Forces he can right to the Court asking for a delay but will need to provide dates when he is available and he can only seek one postponement whereas a member of the Forces can seek indefinite postponement in most cases.
  3. Any member of any armed forces may be excused from jury service if their commanding officer provides a statement that certifies that the armed force member's absence from service would be prejudicial to the efficiency of the service. Jury Service - Qualifications and Disqualifications
  4. Bejesus! Not looking to get it delayed/deferred/postponed just want to know if CS95 is acceptable???

    Thank you xxxx
  5. There is no strict dress code but a juror is expected to dress smart/casual. I doubt if CS95 would cut the mustard. :)
  6. Oh really, like you will get anyone past the switchboard to answer a phone at the CCC just like that? Just try ringing the CPS or the Witness Service first and see if you get an answer.
    My only question would be, does the beloved husband want to attend jury service and get jazzed around endlessly for an indeterminate number of weeks wearing CS 95? If so then crack on, if not then just write a letter back (registered and signed for delivery) along the lines of............"I would be delighted to attend for jury service, what has the guilty party/bastard/substitute any words you like done?"
    See if they still want him then. If so it must be Snaresbrook!!!!
  7. As long as you ring in working hours I have never had a problem with Court switchboards - and Boots doesn't live within CCC call up area. Someone will have to answer a phone re jury members in case one of them rings in sick in the middle of a trial if nothing else
  8. I got called for jury service about 10 years ago. Filled in the form they sent, then on the last page there's a box for any other information. Now I went into a mini rant on this bit, on exactly what I thought of the judicial system and the CPS.

    I got a letter swiftly back, stating this was no longer required.

    Happy days.
  9. I done jury service years ago , basicly wat happens is you are all herded into a room , Then farmed out to cases as and when they come up. I sat on my arse for 3 days before I was called . Only to sit on a jury which some poor ****** was ragged over for trying to dodge a little bit of tax. The guy I was waiting with got a nice juicy sexual blackmail plot which turned nasty & ended up with several people getting hospitalised. Apparently he had to sit thro an hour long homemade porn vid. Regards to dress , aslong as its not offensive wear what you want. There was a crusty hippy like chick on our jury with green & red hair, dressed like worzel gummidge .

  10. I was called for - filled out form "any dates you cannot do and reason why not". Put in the couple of (short) trips to Iraq then planned. Heard nothing more ...

    Daughter was called, spent 3 days hanging around for a couple of hours each morning, then dismissed. She got some reading done.
  11. I did jury service a few years ago, highly entertaining fortnight.
    Two (seperate) GBH cases, great fun.