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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Delhispearman, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. My Question:

    Just been called back to UK from Germany for Jury service. Do I have to do it? or do I have grounds to get out of it if serving abroad etc etc?
    Any sensible advice? :lol:
  2. Jury service
    If you are in any doubt whether the following list applies to you, talk to your doctor or ask a family member or friend to explain it to you.

    You don't qualify for jury service if you suffer from, or have suffered from a mental disorder/mental health problem and because of that condition:

    you are currently a resident in a hospital or other similar institution
    you regularly visit a medical practitioner for treatment
    you are in guardianship under section 7 of the Mental Health Act 1983
    a judge has decided that you are not capable of managing and administering your property or affairs because of mental disorder/mental health problem
    If you have been called for jury service and need more information, contact the Jury Central Summoning Bureau:

    Jury Summoning, Freepost LON 19669, Pocock Street, London SE1 0YG

    Telephone: 0845 8038003 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm) Calls are charged at local rate.

    email: jurysummoning@hmcourts-service.gsi.gov.uk
  3. Quote:...This information applies to England and Wales

    Work commitments can be important and hard to break. Being busy at work isn't enough to excuse you from jury service altogether, but you can to ask for your service to be postponed until a later date. Postponing for this kind of personal reason is known as deferral of jury service.

    Your work commitments may prevent you from serving on a jury at the time that you are summoned but won't prevent you from serving at another date. If your service is deferred you will be asked to confirm any other dates in the year when you won't be able to attend, so that you are given a new date that is convenient. Jury service can only be deferred once.

    You apply to have your jury service deferred by completing the section in the summons form called 'Deferral and Excusal'. When this has been accepted you will get a letter confirming the deferral and giving you a new date for your jury service. You cannot defer twice and must attend on this second occasion.

    You can find out more about Jury service at: www.cjsonline.gov.uk
  4. Thanks for the advice - I have looked at the web site etc but was wondering really............has anyone had experience already and gained an exemption due to military commitments ?
  5. Alternatively,

    Turn up in a suit with a decent haircut and an equally decent newspaper or book in your hand.

    Out of the 70 or so candidates, you will not make the final cut. :wink:
  6. You may be excused if you have been on jury service in the past two years. You can also be excused if you have been a juror and the court excused you for a period that has not yet ended. You will need to show the Jury Central Summoning Bureau evidence of this.
    Quote again;....
    You may be excused if you are a full-time member of Her Majesty's naval, military or air forces and if your commanding officer certifies that your absence would prejudice the efficiency of the service.

    You may be excused for medical reasons. You should only obtain a medical certificate if you are asked to provide one by the Jury Central Summoning Bureau.

    You may have personal reasons why you want to be excused. If so, you need to supply information, in writing, to the Jury Central Summoning Bureau stating why you cannot attend within the next year.
  7. And the killer blow to your prospective Jury Service is this, when you are thanked by the Judge for coming along, reply to it with the following words, "It's a pleasure to be here, this country is totally lawless".

    The Silk and Junior for the defence will need parachutes to come back down.
  8. I was called up twice whilst serving in Germany, got off with it both times just by letting them know. Didn't need letter from CO just a quick phone call
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    If it goes so far as jury selection then the following words may help. "No Im looking forward to finding them guilty.i mean they wouldnt be here unless they did it would they?"
    You will be out of that Courtroom before you can say "wheres my expenses claim form?"
  10. Unless you are doing PDT you should do it unless of course you think yourself too important. Do you not agree that people have a right to be tried by a jury of theirs peers? What makes you so special to not do it?
  11. Sh*t, I really fancied a go at Jury Service. It would have been simples serving or ex forces = not guilty, all others = guilty.
  12. Cops can do jury service now, I would love to...... I would sit in the front in tunic and white gloves!
  13. and the black cap??? :D

  14. The last court martial I attended certainly didn't have a load of junior ranks judgeing the L/Cpl who was in the shit big time.
  15. Why would you want to? This is your chance to legally shaft any chavs who are put before you. Count yourself lucky as some people never get the offer.

    If they called me I would get a giant sandwich board with "guilty" and "Really Guilty" on it and stand throughout any hearings I was involved with.