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Jurno nearly gets her hoop involuntarily booted in



Emily Maitlis is true wanking fodder. I'd do things to her - and would even achieve some usage from my chocolate fondue set in doing said things. If you ever see anyone in a middle-eastern hotbed of trouble, surrounding a news reporter and brandishing a teaspoon or an egg whisk, it'll be me!


Book Reviewer
suprise suprise, she is writing a book.... there i was in female heaven being ignorded by all these men who had better things to do , it was only when i got my baps out that they took any notice ...
I for one am very gratefull to Ms Smith for airing her ordeal, it was a story that needed to be told.

It also allowed me to get rid of some DNA whilst reading "fingers forced inside me".

Fucking lush!


I don't understand why the blokes didn't finish the job. They've already stripped her down and had a bit of foreplay after all.
What do you expect going to the land of with retarded values that is completely different to the UK.

Lone Women, no burkha, looking like a stripper (to Arab eyes) she is lucky she isn't carrying a little Abdullah inside her.

Sharm El Shiek is no better, its a shite hole.

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