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Junkie Police Dog

Sniffer dog 'dies from overdose'
A sniffer dog has died from a suspected overdose after a police drugs search.
Springer spaniel Todd became ill after searching a car and field in Preston, Lancashire, and was taken to the vet by his handler, Pc Roger Moore.

The seven-year-old was then transferred to the specialist animal unit at Liverpool University, where he died.

His symptoms were similar to amphetamine poisoning, Lancashire Police said. The results of a post-mortem examination will be known later.

Pc Moore noticed Todd was ill about an hour after they finished the search on 24 July.

A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said: "Todd was taken to the vet, who confirmed his symptoms were similar to those seen in previous cases where amphetamines have been ingested."

He was taken to Liverpool University when his condition worsened, but the veterinary experts were unable to save him, and he died the next morning.

He was a little bit daft, like all springers are, but they are good working dogs and they are very, very keen
Lancashire Police

Todd lived with Pc Moore, his wife and two children, and the family are said to be devastated by his death.
He was a former gun-dog that had been donated to the police, and had served with the force for five years.

"He was a good dog and a family pet," a spokesman for Preston's dog unit said.

"Pc Moore and his family are very upset.

"He lived with them and they would all go for walks with him - he was their dog. It was a shock for them.

"He was a little bit daft, like all springers are, but they are good working dogs and they are very, very keen."

There were no drugs seized during the search, Lancashire Police said.
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