Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 303SMLE, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. I've just been told a bid has been put in for me to do STAB Juniors in May, so, any pointers? I asked around and was generally told "you'll be fine", which was lovely and sweet, but **** all help. :roll:
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your SPSI.

  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, I got the same helpful advice. The key to doing well on SCTC is a) being as fit as you possible can be and b) being shit hot with your orders extractions.

    It can be an immensely physical course, so use the time from now till then to train up (especially tabbing up hills). The joining instructions do actually included a month long training schedule which is quite good!

    To give you an example, the first Tuesday we did a CFT (usual battle order, helmets on etc.) and believe me it's a bit f***ing tasty (all the c*nts on here who bang on about a CFT being 'just a walk in the park' have never tabbed one in Brecon. Trust me that's not a phrase you'll ever use to describe a CFT again!) After that there was a lesson on section attacks. Each of you had to have a turn at being IC so that meant you did 8 section attacks (and by section attack, I mean the full deal, not some abbreviated version over terrain the length of a footie pitch). And of course this being Brecon, those 8 section attacks are all up a steep incline. That evening there was a lecture in the classroom (think it was on operating Bowman the kit.

    Later that night we up for a couple hours were fabloning all manner of bollox. If you know someone who's recently come off the course, see if you can't borrow their stuff and the paperwork you get, you can fablon later at your own leisure. It'll save you hours. Another top tip is to take a pair of socks and underwear for each day. Just buy a shed load and throw them all in a plastic bag at the end of the day to save on laundering time.

    It can be physically and mentally draining at times. You'll be surprised how many blokes think about jacking it, especially during the Field Ex. There's a 36 hour period during which you've just got to resign yourself to the fact that you're not going to sleep. Mentally accept that.

    DON'T QUIT whatever you do!! Just hang in there and keep going. Don't worry about not coming first. Even if you don't keep up with the rest, well then you don't keep up with the rest. But whatever you do, don't stop and quit.

    Every man and his mongrel that's in a Rifle Company has to do this course to get beyond LCpl, which means that there will be some dingbats on the course, which in turn means there will be someone who's worse than you are! It is hard, but by no means is it like door-knocking for the Jehovahs Witnesses in Falujah, like some people would have you believe. It's quite educational (or at least it was for me, but I don't think it's the kind of course that anyone enjoys, if you know what I mean.

    Mate, I know you get some sort mental erection out of quoting that line, but you have no idea how erroneous that is in this instance. Your PSI will have absolutely no more inside information about PTC (TA) than you do after having read the joining instructions, unless he's been DS on it in a previous incarnation. When I asked mine what I should expect, he was blunt and honest.
    "How the f*ck should I know? Our course (regular version which incorporates SAA) was spread out over several months and that was ten years ago! You're best off asking someone who's recently done it."

    303SMLE, when in May does your course start?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    It's not a mental erection - clearly my SPSI is way better than yours... as he knows the courses the blokes need, what those courses involve and what the blokes need to do in order to make the most of them.

  5. You can also download the JIs in the IBS section on armynet.

    (I know you'll get them eventually - but you might as well get eyes on as early as possible, and as stated before you do get given a month long phys training schedule in it)
  6. Hi 303smle, i have to agree with RP578, the course is very very demanding in both mental and physical terms. I've just done the recent September course and get say that RP578's advice is spot on.

    We did Bowman training on the 1st couple of nights, meaning a late finish and then having to fablon all the cards and maps. Top Tip, Get yourself a cheap laminating machine and lots of laminating pouches (WH smith do a good deal) to do your cards. Your maps can be done before you get down there, just find out which ones (they use 2 in Brecon). Most Lcpls who have done the course like me, want to keep the maps for when we do seniors!!

    We did the CFT on a Weds if a remember correctly, the first 6 miler for a TA course. It was emotional to say the least. 9 lads from my battalion were on the course, 4 of us finished the CFT....
    Once you have done the CFT, had a stretch and rehydrate, the Lcpl's are given a crap load of ammo (i mean a crap load) and sent away with the DS and spend the rest of the day doing section attacks Brecon style (i.e textbook style) with about 65-70 pounds of kit on . If your the section commander or 2ic and get to carry the bowman as well..unlucky. This is the kit you carry for the rest of the week whilst learning the art of section attacks.
    Fitness is an absolute must. I would start now...i personally had left is with 6 weeks to go before starting the fitness. I over did it and got an injury 2 weeks before the course. Luckily, i recovered with a couple of days to go.

    They issue you with a massive thick booklet on the 1st day of the course, speak to someone who's been on recently to photocopy is for you. One of our gripes was that we would have benefited more if we received the booklets a couple of months before the course - Brecon said they would look into it (but i wouldnt hold my breath)

    And the point about theres alway someone worse than you.. well, on my course, there were a number a RAF Reg Aux on the course who, to say the least, emitted an air of incompetence!! An RAF (potential) sgt couldnt keep up with a Platton tab - it was on the way to an ambush. All the DS were pi55ing themselves, laughing at him as another student on the course had to carry his kit.
    So yeah, stay the gray man and dont quit, no matter what!! 2 Lcpl's in my section quit in the 1st week, meaning more command appointments, more stags etc for the rest of us.

    I went on the course with the mentality that the course was gonna be a beast and took the Brecon myth to heart. I enjoyed the course and found it wasnt as hard as i thought it was. On the other hand, a lad in my room thought the course would be a peace of pi55 and he ended up having a torrid time.

    Hope this advice helps mate and good luck!!
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  7. msr

    msr LE

    In the spirit of arrse: Can you scan the cards and provide the map reference numbers?

    Then bung it all on a wiki page.

  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    No. Ask your PSI! :D

    That's actually the Regular version (unless the TA one's been added in the past couple of months). Nonetheless, the JI's you get are pretty comprehensive about the daily schedule, fitness requirement etc. N.B. There's a WHT certificate that requires signing off for L85, LSW, GPMG & LMG. We only noticed this late in the day and had to make a last minute arrangement with one of our regular battalions to get our hands on a Minimi and General as we don't hold either at our Coy.

    chungmeister, yeah we had one RAF officer on ours (for the PCTC cadre). He was a useless dick as well.

    That does happen and it is an absolute bastard, but sweet FA you can do about it. Also people have a habit of getting injured left, right and centre. I did my ankle in right ant the end, but managed to limp in to the finish. If you're going there with an injury already it WILL get worse. Seriously think about it.

    Out of interest chungmeister, what happened to your CFT failures? Were all of yours bunged off the course?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I would do, but I am not an Infanteer ;)

  10. Whats the rules regarding opsec and the said cards?

    On Brecon nowadays, if you fail your CFT, you can still pass the course. On your course report, it will state that you need to work on fitness etc and pass a CFT before being recommended for promotion. Out of the 5 who failed from my Battalion, 3 have been promoted (im still waiting for mine), i guess my deep throat technique isnt upto scratch.
    I made sure i passed just to beat the myth and defeat the mental stumbling block that was in my mind.

    An RAF Reg officer on our course gave a set of platoon orders for an ambush.
    You could just see the DS at the back cringing with horror.
    The whole ambush was a nightmare and the was when the platoon was split in two and seperated as we made our way to the ambush site as the Fat useless RAF Reg Aux sgt couldnt keep up and lagged behind. It was a patrol FFS, not a speed march!!

    On my course, we didnt use the LMG or UGL for some reason, just the GPMG and that wasnt until the FTX.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Are they marked restricted?

  12. re: JIs.

    If its the all in one course PCBC, ceniors and juniors, they are up on the web.

    I am very tempted i have to admit! Got a strange liking for brecon after my last visit up there!
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, that's what happened on ours too, but most of the CFT failures didn't complete the course anyway.

    Practice on a banana to help overcome the gag reflex .... er, so my missus tells me!

    T'was exactly the same with me. A real psychological battle. That and I didn't wanted to be tainted with stigma of being marked out as a failure.

    303SMLE - Just to explain about being with officers and seniors. The Infantry Battle School runs a course called Platoon Tactics Course (PTC) which is broken down into 3 cadres; Platoon Commanders' Tactics Course, Platoon Commanders Sergeants' Course ("Seniors") & Section Commanders Tactics Course ("Juniors"). Whilst the cadres go their separate ways for lessons and practice periods, they merge as one unit for field exercises. So when it's not your turn to be PC/Pln Sgt/Section IC, you'll play a bod. This of course leads to the inevitable situation of having a Lt or Sgt as your rifleman/gunner/signaller/runner/2IC when it's your turn to play Section Cmdr. Most are OK and play the game, but you'll always get a couple who get sniffy demand correct titles etc.

    I think they are mate. I've lent mine to a lad from my Platoon who's off on his this month so don't have them in front of me
  14. Cheers for the responses guys. :D I think I have a couple of things in my favour; as I'm in the Royal Taffshires anyway I'm pretty familiar with SENTA as its our usual playground, and I've got all the maps etc already. :wink: I'll look into all the cards etc with my PSI and seniors,and dig out my laminating machine from potentials.

    As to Officers and Seniors on the same course, they've put a bid in for my boss to do his PCBC at the same time, perhaps he'll be in my section.....not that I'll milk it of course. :twisted:
  15. Am I looking in the wrong place, or are they a bit of date (i.e. course dates for '04)?

    Edit: Found it!