Junior Tradesmens Regt, Troon

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by CliSwe, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. I assume JTR Troon went out of commission many yrs ago. Anybody know when? Can't find anything on the search engines. Dundonald Camp, just down the road from Ayr, was my introduction to British Army service, a long time ago. (See earlier posts on "Cultybraggan" topic.)
  2. Was there a Tradesman's Entrance?
  3. Place is almost flattened now not sure if the qtrs are still in MoD hands place is mostly used for grazing horses now and I think only 1 building remains which looks like an old MT shed. the last of the billets must have been pulled down around the mid 90's had a veranda on the front. The rife range is also out of commission the training area next to the Castle ruins was still in use until the early 90's not so sure now If you use http://maps.live.com you will get a good close up of whats left pictures are clearer than google earth. I am right in thinking that there was 2 parts to the camp one on each side of the road? My uncle done his time there in 1964 and I grew up near there and passed it quite alot. Hence the anorak reply. :lol:
  4. I pass through there fairly regularly. I didnt know there was ever a camp there and I certainly cant see the evidence of one now.
  5. If you drive through Loans towards Irvine, about a mile afterwards you'll see the old MQ's on your left (used by personnel from HMS Gannet until about 10 years ago), then shortly afterwards (about 400-500 metres) there's a large corrugated iron shed which looks very WW2. Otherwise everything seems to be gone.

  6. Thanks T_T - half expected to hear it was a multi-storey carpark or somesuch. The corrugated iron shed (there used to be 2) was our wet-weather venue for drill training. Not surprised to hear most of the buildings are demolished: they were only prefab "spiders" anyway.
  7. Just wondering, how much of the old HMS Dundonald airfield was left when you were there?

    I know the Monsanto plant was built on the site sometime in the seventies.

    I also remember there being a whole load of radar dishes and so on, just along the road from the camp. Was that RAF? Or civilian?
  8. Can't help u there, T_T, I'm afraid. I was there from May 64 to Aug 65. The only neighbouring installations I recall were the old Gaills aircraft-direction site (which we used for driver training), & the associated towers near the beach - we had loadsa fun on those with scrambling-nets in our Battle PT training. Mind u, it's been >40yrs, & memory plays tricks. But those 2 sites do stand out for me.
  9. I had mates there in the early seventies,(I was at Gordon Bks, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen).
    Apparently there was an old Rolls Royce at the front gate,which was kept gleeming by the junior miscreants of the day.I wonder where that went, I believe it closed down 79-80 ish.

  10. There was a radar station just up from the camp behind the local training area up past the castle I think it was used for the septics as they used to fly a Galaxy in with supplies for the base up on the Holy Loch. I'm not sure if the training area has been closed down and handed over to the national trust for Scotland as I'm sure the castle has now been.
  11. Do you mean the one on top of the hill that looked a bit like Mickey Mouse's ears?

    Where exactly is/was the training area?

    Got any coordinates or a link on flashearth?

    I'll have to take a look next time I'm in the area.

  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    My old man was the provo there about 1972ish I think
  13. This is the area IIRC there was some warning signs up and can rember seeing the TA doing fire and manover there and the RHF KAPE team firing off some rounds for our benefit when I was there as a cadet. Aye I'm sure they did have Mickey mouse ears radar things there.
  14. Ahh, right behind the castle, thanks for that.
  15. hiya,
    i'm new to this forum, so take it easy on me eh!!
    i was at jtr troon in 1969/1971 as a junior sapper, if there is anyone else on this web site that was there within this years please give a reply to my posting,
    thanks in advance, ronnie