Junior & Senior NCOs perspectives greatly appreciated

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by MountainTroll, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. I have been considering re-enlisting in the Army (if indeed that will be possible) for a long time. The dilema I have is this:

    A number of years ago I joined up as an infantry soldier, completed recruit training, went to battalion, everything going very well for me but then f*cked it all up by going absent without leave after about two years in. I don't want to go into too much detail about why as it really doesn't matter.... I comitted a crime under military law, irrelevant of the circumstances.

    I am ashamed to admit that as a result of the situation I was in and the problems that I created for myself and others I fell into a spiral of depression. When I did finally return to my battalion I was referred to a psychiatric ward for treatment. They decided I should be medically discharged which I was. My own view is that their decision was partly based on the situation at home rather than simply on my state of mind.

    I know that people will make their own judgements about my character but all I can say is that by no means was my behaviour usual. Up until all of this happened I was a keen young soldier, happy with my lot, fitted in with my platoon, stable in my behaviour and often praised by other lads, NCO's and officers. More than one person commented afterwards that I was the last person they'd expect this from.

    This has been eating away at me for a long time. I want a new start and a chance to redeem myself but I know that if my application was successful there could be problems because of my past. The last thing I would want is to put anyone in a position where they were forced to accept an individual who they felt they could not rely upon.

    As a Junior or Senior NCO would you judge an individual before knowing them and knowing all the facts and would you be able to accept them on the merit of how they perform? If I do apply to re-enlist is this likely to cause a problem?

    I would really appreciate some constructive views as it's important to me to know how my application is likely to affect others.
  2. You'll always be judged by someone mate. That's human nature. Have a chat with your GP and with the ACIO. They are the only people who can honestly give you the answers you seek.

    All the best.
  3. You say that you don't want to go into much detail as it really doesn't matter. I suspect that it's probably the detail that does matter, but you shouldn't hang out your washing on a public forum.

    I'd suggest that you get in touch with your old colleagues and put the question to them. If they'd be happy to have you back, and you can get through the enlistment process, then why not? If they have reservations, then it's likely that others would come to have the same reservations once they get to know you.
  4. It amazes me how many blokes (And blokesses) come on here asking about the whats and ifs about joining/rejoining the colours. Why not go straight to the ACIO and ask there. They will have all the relevant info and in your case will probably be able to pull up your record an dgive you a definite answer. As to how you'll be looked on by your mates etc if you do rejoin, join a different regiment and keep your mouth shut until you've proven yourself .
  5. you have served before, which placed you in the position where you posted yourself AWOL for 2 years,

    Now you're returning...what makes you think the job has got any better ??
    It's still the same pile of pooh that threw you over the edge last time..

    Best to stay out and keep well clear of it fella, the jobs shit and we all know it, but are too tied to pensions now to rock the boat.
  6. Theres only one way your gonna find out. If you were as positive in person as you are in writing i'd have you in my section. ALthough you would be the subject of daily p1ss taking for your wibble days!
  7. I read the post, said "no way, Sir" and then read Biscuit's post which actually stopped me dead. The next couple of posts reinforced the feeling that I might have got it wrong, but the last post confirms my initial feeling; "what will be different this time round?".

    The answer, regrettably, is nothing. If anything, things have deteriorated further in the last couple of years. You will deploy, you will be messed around, you will be under immense pressure. If you cracked last time, you might do so again. Personal problems are rarely solved that easily; some drag on for years, if not decades.

    I would say "don't do it". But the others are right; only the ACIO can advise you.

  8. If YOU don't like it, Fcuk off!!!. Don't give me the 'tied to pension' crap. If you feel that strongly about it, get some bollox and leave. I am fed up with the negative comments from individuals such as you. If you claim to be a professional, fukcing act like one.

    Rant over.
  9. To be honest there was nothing about the job that made me crack. There was some stuff going on at home and legal problems that essentially left my mum and little brother living at the mercy of a violent drunken pr*ck. It's all long in the past now and I'm over it.

    I know the ACIO will give me the definitive answer as to whether or not I get back in but I just wanted to gauge the reactions I might get.

    Thank you all for your input on this, it's greatly appreciated.
  10. If it's as it sounds, you'll probably get the sympathy vote.

    Good Luck!

    (Next time you have a problem, have a word with the Padre).
  11. Yes, totally agree. Good luck mate.
  12. Irs not all pooh as you put it, you get out what you put in. Yes its got harder but hey roll with it. I have had bad times and good times but the good times totally outweigh the bad.
    As has been said before If you dont like it get out NUFF SAID
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I had a soldier in my platoon that had difficulty adjusting to some stuff after a tour, didn't get help and went AWOL.

    He came back, served his time, soldiered on and was without doubt the best soldier in my platoon at that time.

    The circumstances and individuals concerned are different, but the point is that you can serve after these issues, and still gain the respect of your peers. The ACIO will tell you if you can rejoin. Only you know if you are capable of soldiering on and gaining respect for your abilities.

    Good luck,

  14. as previously stated ACIO ......it's the future!
    yes it is..... :meditate:
  15. After 22 years service I think I can "offer" my opinion in an OPEN FORUM, you cock.

    The army has been getting screwed over by politics for ever, when you leave the job, you realise how blinkered you have been and how no one actually give a toss if you live or die.

    After 22 years of filling body bags I can say with some authority that friends and colleagues of mine have been dying for what?? The price of oil FFS.

    If you ( and i doubt that you will) reach your 17 year point and think "fcuk me I've still got five years to do..shall I leave now and get 6K or shall i stay in for five shitty years and get 57K. Then you are tied to a pension, we have wives and kids and 51K is a lot of loot to throw away cos the jobs getting shitty

    wake up and smell the coffee or are you too busy toeing the party line and being a smarmy yes sir no sir spineless tw@

    Medman out ( and fcuking glad of it too)