Junior selection process

Alright, ive got my selection next month i havent been briefed on it yet so im just asking here before i do.

I was wondering if junior soldiers goin to either AFC harrogate or ATR winchetser joining the junior paras need to do PRAC or is that only for seniors? Im going to ATR winchester and was wanting to change capbadge there but if i havent done PRAC would that still be possible?
yeah he may not want you to, BUT its YOUR choice mate, just stick to your guns, if you want to go para reg then go to it mate, sorry mate i dont know the answer but im sure someone els will know on here :)
What regiment is he wanting you to go for ?
cferguson said:
Scots guards, there a great regiment but not the one i want to go to. I might just go and get my junior training done first then decide
ahh right, well why dont you try and go to the guards para ?
Well this is what i would do, If i was set on paras i would stick to my guns no matter how many people try to get you to go to a different regiment mate...I dont know why your recruiter is being blunt with you on the paras mate...
that sounds not bad like ill ask him about that! yeh anno im gonna like but the junior trainings good for future life, if i dont get to change by the end of training ill just leave and start again. I think its because the not recruiting that many people these days, and thanks for the info im away to look guards para out;)

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