Junior Para

heyy guys..
im wanting to join the para's and i need a little bit more information.
im going phase 1. harrogate 42 weeks.
phase 2 catterick.. any one no how many weeks it is for juniors?
and then how long is pcoy?
thanks in advanced :D
this has been done so many times before, you might want to use the search function before posting, or be ready to take some incoming
ive used it and ive looked.. cant find anything i dont mind abit of stick tbh :)
aslong as i get told the answer lol
Jayymayyn said:
Jayymayyn said:
P company taken at week 20 of phase 2 and lasts for one week
You've just answered a post that was made over 12 months ago.
Thanks for telling me. Its not like i never noticed.
* done in the voice of Vicky Pollard*
Yer but no but it's going to take you like ages to get up to the current post if you start answering the ones from like a year ago.


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