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Hello everyone, im currently aiming to join the British army as a para. I am 17 later in June and will miss the cut off for September for the army foundation college in Harrogate if i get deferred or have any delays in the process. For this reason any help and advice/corrections, would be very much appreciated. Okay, so here is everything i know, or think i know...

At selection i need to do well in everything, stand out from the crowed, and get a run time of sub 9:18, my time being at 9:45 currently, and i have been told it’s not good enough. I am wondering if i would be allowed to participate in another PD day for training purposes?
After i pass ADSC i will get a date to start training and will go to my recruitment office to swear an oath, not being religious i will swear an oath to queen and country.
i will then go to AFC Harrogate for a 42 week course, excluding approximately 9 weeks of leave. after the first 6 weeks, at half term i will have a passing in parade, were I am issued a maroon beret with green stripe to show I am a trainee Para.
after i have completed AFC, i will have prac and p-coy, and if i pass, i will have a further 24 weeks of training before i pass out with wings and maroon beret, and join my battalion (either 2 or 3 para, as 1 para is special forces reserve and 4 para is TA) .

My Terms and conditions of service are as follows;
As a junior i am to sign for 12 years and cannot leave until the day before my 22nd birthday, or approximately 4 years from my 18th birthday when i will be of age to go on tour of duty. i have to give one year’s notice if i wish to leave. And even if i leave, if the army want me back they can ask, if they need me back they can take me, even if i do not want to, until the 12 year contract is complete.

Could someone also tell me what ADSC will be like, at the pd day we did an 800 m warm up (i think) before the 1 and a half mile run, is that the same at ADSC?
And what are the 'heaves' i keep hearing about? Are they pull ups? Or using some sort of weight machine?

Thank you very much for any help~
I'm sure someone will correct me, but 9.18 for selection?

Other than that you don't get wings until you've done jumps which is affter the training, and poss whilst at bn. Depending on the next course, vacencies etc.

As a junior you have certain other tmes where you can leave as you are under age (18). The army don't neccessarily 'ask' you to return. And i don't think we have a 18 year restriction as such on tours. Although it was in force for NI. Maybe for herrick.

the pft is always going to be half a mile warm up, 1.5 best effort.

heaves. hang off a bar, straightish arm, pull your body up until your chin is aove the bar. then lower. repeat until you drop off.

If you miss out on AFC don't dispair, just go for adut entry.
Thank you very much for your help :D

i feel a little bit more at ease now.

i have my interview 3 on Monday, any advice?
and how many 'heaves' would a para be expected to pull off?
As many as you can... As a guess I would say at least ten, but I have yet to even apply yet lol. It is a best effort exercise however, so making a few weird facial expressions and noises while your doing it is a must. If your not confident, trot down to your nearest gym and find the weight machine with a big bar hanging off it. This is a lat-pull down exercise, and the higher weights are good training for heaves, if like me you have difficulty finding a door lintel wide enough to do pull ups on.

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